so last night i went to steak night. and it was really fun. there were a lot of people there.

today i worked at the guard and percussion show.  it was pretty fun til there wasn’t anything left to do. but then i signed out and watched our indoor percussion.  they were good.

last night i killed my cell phone.  so calling or texting me on it will be pointless.  i guess you could always call my house– if you wanted.

leave me comments please. <333


–last weekend i had a pretty amazing time with rachel, meghan, and cassie.
–on friday i had another pretty amazing time with meghan and rachel, especially the ice skating
–on saturday festival was pretty great, we heard the recording today and it sounded really good
–on saturday night me and victoria had fun watching little people fall over. ha! and then going to psycho sisters on sunday

so things have been going pretty good lately– but it looks like this summer its gonna be band camp or mission trip– hmm… that’s a tough one.

<333 Erin

so– the band concert tonight. personally, i thought it was really good. and i enjoyed listening to all the bands. the only bad part was my music falling off my stand in the middle of 4th movement. ha– yeah. i just had to do something dumb…

so karaoke/dress-up/whipped cream/make-up/no tea/taboo night is tomorrow. i can’t wait!