Love Lessons.

This past weekend I got to spend time with a super awesome girl named Jessica.

She’s beautiful, sassy, and hilarious, and to say she was boy crazy would be a huge understatement.

Lessons 1Most of our weekend together was spent either talking about boys, flirting with boys, or following boys around.

Thankfully, our boys are very good sports.

Jessica’s methods of getting the guys are quite different from mine. However, my best estimate is that she has had at least 4 boyfriends in the past year, which far surpasses my zero boyfriends in the past 6 years.

So I thought that maybe I could take some advice from her. I’ve compiled a list of love lessons I learned this past weekend.

Who knows, they might come in handy.

1. If you’re interested in someone, it’s not important to know their name.  You can immediately start referring to them only as “boyfriend.”

2. There’s no need to wait until the right time to say “I love you.” You can tell someone you love them the day first day that you meet.

3. It’s okay to be interested in two boys at the same time.  Even if they know each other. Even if they are brothers.

4. Use being interested in two boys at once to be nonchalant when one turns you down. You can simply say, “I don’t love you anymore, now I love your brother (or friend, etc).”

5. Be honest about cheating.  It’s not good to keep it a secret, but always include an apology.

6. Boys love it when you write and record love songs for them.  You can even write one love song for multiple boys.

7. Fight for the guy you’re interested in.  Don’t let another girl get in the way.

8. Sometimes it’s necessary to (literally) get on your knees and beg someone to take you back.

9. If your guy says he needs time to think about your relationship, don’t be patient. Keep asking him every time you’re around him.

10. It’s okay to like older guys.

11. …or younger.

12. Share you candy with the boys you’re interested in.

13. Tell the boys you like how hot they are.

14. More specifically, it’s good to tell them how hot they are while doing something they’re good at. (Example: “You’re hot playing the drums/guitar/etc.”)

15. Always tell your guy goodnight.

16. Make a normal hug better by refusing to let go.

17. Come up with excuses to walk by the guy you like. Each time you do this make some kind of physical contact.

18. Grab his hand or arm when you’re walking together.

19. Ask for his opinion on things like a new hairstyle.

20. Finally, just be extremely bold and persistent.

In return for observing her approach all weekend, I offered her two pieces of my own approach:

1. It’s probably not a good idea to cheat on your boyfriends.

2. The art of Facebook creeping.

The first she ignored, the second she was a fan of.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to follow her method. It’s not exactly my style. Something tells me that I’ll never catch up to Jessica in boyfriend count, and that’s really okay. But maybe I’ll need to use (tiny pieces) of her approach someday. I can’t dismiss it completely unless I give it a shot.


My Pinericus Weekend.

I had a very pinericus weekend. I made that word up. It’s a combination of the two things that describe my weekend the most. I spent the weekend in the fabulous town of Americus, Georgia visiting my friend Cami, and while I was there we did several things off of Pinterest.

My first visit to Americus was pretty exciting. Not only did I get to hang out with Cami, but I got to see the sights.

I was given a tour of downtown Americus, Georgia Southwestern State University, and Plains, Georgia where I had some fabulous homemade peanut butter ice cream. So, so good.

The best part was hanging out with this giant, eyeless peanut. It was pretty exciting.

Anyways, while I was there we tried a few ideas that we found on Pinterest.

First, we made some pretty awesome cupcakes. (Don’t worry, we only made 24. The 108 last weekend was a one time thing.)

We tried this method of making a box cake taste like it’s from a bakery. I mean, I don’t necessarily know specifically what a bakery cupcake tastes like, but ours came out pretty tasty, so I’d say this one was a success!

The icing for the cupcakes was what I was most excited for. We made sculptable buttercream, and it was awesome. It was like a weird mixture between play-dough and icing, and it was so much fun.

Of course I made a cupcake with my trademark bow on it.

& then we had a whole lot of fun making a bunch of different designs.

I’m a big fan. I will definitely be doing this again. So much yummier than fondant.

The third Pinterest idea that I tried was a detox bath.  I don’t really know why I wanted to try this so bad, but for some reason I did. I think the idea of a bath making you sweat abnormal amounts really intrigued me, so we got the weird ingredients for it and gave it a go.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it didn’t exactly live up to my expectations.

First of all, the ginger turned the bath water brown. Which was nasty. I was not a fan of the colored bath water.

Secondly, I did sweat, but not as much as the article made it sound like I would. I could feel droplets dripping down my forehead though, so I guess it was a good amount.

& thirdly, the weirdest part is that my heart started beating really fast. I didn’t like that at all.

After I got out of the bath I didn’t feel detoxified, or really different in any way. I just felt hot, so I took a cool shower to wash all the sweat and ground ginger off of my body. Nasty, I know.

Maybe I don’t have many toxins in my body. Maybe this bath is a scam. Maybe I should know these things since I’m a biology major. Who knows.

I do know that it was a weird experience, but also a really funny experience. However, I don’t think I’ll be trying it again.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Americus impressed me and so did Pinterest. This kind of weekend might need to happen again.

108 Cupcakes.

It all started with me saying that I wanted to make cupcakes.

& with my roommates encouraging me to make them. But I said, “No, I’m not going to make them if I don’t have a reason.”

Well, last Friday, I got a reason.

It was my friend, Amanda‘s birthday! So, naturally, I offered to make some cupcakes for her birthday gathering on Saturday. She asked for strawberry.

Any normal person would have bought ingredients for strawberry cupcakes, made a batch of 18, and been done with it.

Not me. I may be slightly insane.

Instead of just buying ingredients for strawberry cupcakes, I bought ingredients for 5 kinds of cupcakes. 

(You’re welcome for the recipes.)

I’m pretty sure you don’t understand how crazy this truly was.

I made cupcake batters, 5 icings, and fillings.

Ya’ll, I bought (and used) 4 pounds of butter.

Just call me Paula Deen. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I started baking around 7 pm. My roommates aided me in my insanity, and we still didn’t finish until about 1 am. It took SO LONG.

However, at 1 am, this is what we had:

One hundred and eight cupcakes. They completely covered our table.

There are only 3 people in our house. If we had eaten them all, that would have been 36 cupcakes each (and probably about 8 pounds gained each). No way.

So we took them to Amanda’s party. I took them to class. I took them to BCM lunch on Wednesday. & we have been eating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

It’s been a week. We have 20 left. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

…or absolutely terrible. Depends on which way you look at it.

Anyways, this is what I have learned::

  1. Do not make five batches of cupcakes in one night unless you are preparing for Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.
  2. Cupcakes are relatively easy to give away, but 108 is still a big number.
  3. I’m pretty darn good at making cupcakes.
  4. My roommates and I are pretty darn good at eating cupcakes.
  5. My roommates will not stop me from doing crazy things. They may even help.

But, overall, it was fun. & I’m pretty sure that it was a night we’ll be remembering for a while. Which is definitely good.  I only have a few more months to live with these wonderful people, and I’m all about making some memories.

& if anyone wants a week old cupcake or two (that are still pretty tasty) let me know.  They’re not going to last much longer.

How to be a Crazy Roommate.

Ya’ll, I have completely wonderful roommates right now. And while they are crazy sometimes, it’s almost always crazy in a good way.  So this post is not about them at all.  It goes back a little bit further.

For three out of four years of college, my roommate situations have been solid.  However, my freshman year was a little bit different. I was an unfortunate victim of random roommate placement. For some reason, I’ve told stories of my freshman roommate several times recently, and I thought that I could be of assistance to you.

If you ever need or want to be a crazy roommate, I have some ideas. Want to rid yourself of your current roommate? I totally have you covered.

Here I am on the day I moved in with the crazy roommate.  I, obviously, was blissfully unaware of what would go down in Boone 109. (Also, note the lanyard around my neck. You can’t even pretend that I wasn’t a freshman in this picture.)

Anyways, here it is:

How to be a Crazy Roommate

  • Start with lying to your future roommate about when you will be moving in.  Tell her you’re moving in the same day, but really move in a week earlier.
  • Even though you have been moved in for several days, do not be there to greet your future roommate when she arrives.
  • On the first night of living together, have a boy who doesn’t even go to your school hanging out it your room when your new roommate gets back from orientation at 11:30 pm.
  • Don’t sleep in your room on your first night of living together and leave your new roommate to be lonely and cry.
  • Don’t wear pants. Ever.
  • Insist on blasting the air conditioning even when your roommate is wearing 6 layers of clothing.
  • Get scabies.
  • Ask your roommate to have a sleepover in her friend’s room so your friends can sleep in your bed.
  • Ask your roommate to switch rooms with one of your friends for the night.
  • Don’t wash your roommates clothes after she is nice enough to let you borrow them.
  • While your roommate is napping, allow a boy to take his pants off and get in your bed.
  • While your roommate is in the shower, get into your bed with your boyfriend.  It’s a good surprise when she comes back in her towel.
  • When your roommate is in class, call her twenty times because you locked yourself out.
  • Invite your family to hang out in your tiny room on Sunday afternoons.
  • Have an awkward boyfriend who uses your roommate to help him surprise you in awkward ways.
  • When your roommate goes to the emergency room in the middle of the night, don’t even bother to ask her what happened the next day.
  • Keep old, nasty smelling Asian food sitting on your desk.
  • Never say hi to your roommate when you see her in public.
  • Let your roommate be charged for paint you ripped off the walls.
  • After you no longer live together, defriend your roommate on facebook.

I’m sure there are other things you can do to be a crazy roommate, but these things should be sufficient.

They were enough to get rid of me after one year.

And furthermore, I am now terrified to random roommate placement in grad school.  I feel like I deserve somebody normal this time.  Please?

note: The year of living with this roommate was not ALL terrible, but by the end we were both ready to be out.  I don’t blame her for most of it. We were nothing alike. It happens. Also, I’m not posting her name on purpose.  I don’t know her now, and she doesn’t even go to school with me anymore.  Wouldn’t be fair.