Puppy Love.

On Thursday night and Friday morning, our Golden Retriever Molly had 9 little bundles of joy.

It was pretty much the best day ever.

Since I couldn’t be there when they were born, I was super excited to head home for the weekend and see them on Friday afternoon.

I promptly held each one and tied a bow around their neck. Would you expect anything else? Now they look ever cuter (if that’s even possible), and we can identify them by color.

There are seven little girls and two sweet boys in her litter.

I’ll introduce them to you::
This is a little girl. She’s one of the smallest, and also one of the darkest in the litter. Look at that face! I can’t even handle it.

This is also a little girl. She’s the smallest in the litter, so we’ve been making sure that she eats enough. She seems to be growing along with the others (and probably enjoys the extra attention.)

The little girl with the yellow ribbon is the lightest puppy out of all of them. She’s also the biggest of the girls. So, so precious.

This little girl is the darkest out of the litter. She resembles her daddy more than any of the others. She is also the only puppy who has pooped on me so far. I had no choice to forgive her when I looked at that face.

This is one of the boys, and he is the biggest out of all the puppies. He’s a chunk, but still super cute.

This is another sweet girl. She seems to be the sleepiest out of the bunch. She takes more naps than the others. We bonded over that.

This is the other little boy. He’s not quite as big as the other, but he’s still bigger than all the girls. So sweet.

This one is a sweet little girl, too. There is so much cute in that itty bitty body.

& this is the last little girl. She obviously prefers to sleep on her side. I don’t mind one bit.

This weekend was fabulous. Not because I really did anything, because I think I only left my house once, but because I got to spend it with these little guys.

I watched them eat, and I watched them sleep. It’s pretty much all they do, but they still look cute doing it.

& we had some individual snuggle time too. So much love.

I’m not even going to lie- I cried when I had to leave them.

By the time I see them again, they will have their eyes open and be walking around.

I can’t even wait.

I have to squeeze in a lot of puppy time in the next six weeks before they go to their new families.

But, if you know of anyone who wants one of these precious puppies, let me know!

Unfortunately, my parents won’t allow me to keep them all, so they’re for sale.

You want this cuteness in your house so bad. I know you do. Don’t even try to lie about it.


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