My Pinericus Weekend.

I had a very pinericus weekend. I made that word up. It’s a combination of the two things that describe my weekend the most. I spent the weekend in the fabulous town of Americus, Georgia visiting my friend Cami, and while I was there we did several things off of Pinterest.

My first visit to Americus was pretty exciting. Not only did I get to hang out with Cami, but I got to see the sights.

I was given a tour of downtown Americus, Georgia Southwestern State University, and Plains, Georgia where I had some fabulous homemade peanut butter ice cream. So, so good.

The best part was hanging out with this giant, eyeless peanut. It was pretty exciting.

Anyways, while I was there we tried a few ideas that we found on Pinterest.

First, we made some pretty awesome cupcakes. (Don’t worry, we only made 24. The 108 last weekend was a one time thing.)

We tried this method of making a box cake taste like it’s from a bakery. I mean, I don’t necessarily know specifically what a bakery cupcake tastes like, but ours came out pretty tasty, so I’d say this one was a success!

The icing for the cupcakes was what I was most excited for. We made sculptable buttercream, and it was awesome. It was like a weird mixture between play-dough and icing, and it was so much fun.

Of course I made a cupcake with my trademark bow on it.

& then we had a whole lot of fun making a bunch of different designs.

I’m a big fan. I will definitely be doing this again. So much yummier than fondant.

The third Pinterest idea that I tried was a detox bath.  I don’t really know why I wanted to try this so bad, but for some reason I did. I think the idea of a bath making you sweat abnormal amounts really intrigued me, so we got the weird ingredients for it and gave it a go.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it didn’t exactly live up to my expectations.

First of all, the ginger turned the bath water brown. Which was nasty. I was not a fan of the colored bath water.

Secondly, I did sweat, but not as much as the article made it sound like I would. I could feel droplets dripping down my forehead though, so I guess it was a good amount.

& thirdly, the weirdest part is that my heart started beating really fast. I didn’t like that at all.

After I got out of the bath I didn’t feel detoxified, or really different in any way. I just felt hot, so I took a cool shower to wash all the sweat and ground ginger off of my body. Nasty, I know.

Maybe I don’t have many toxins in my body. Maybe this bath is a scam. Maybe I should know these things since I’m a biology major. Who knows.

I do know that it was a weird experience, but also a really funny experience. However, I don’t think I’ll be trying it again.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Americus impressed me and so did Pinterest. This kind of weekend might need to happen again.


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