You’ve Got to Get Up Every Morning With a Smile on Your Face.

(Sometimes I pretend this song is kind of my life motto. So Cheesy. So Good.)

Whoa. School life has been crazy lately. Like 4 tests in five days crazy with 3 of those being in a 24 hour period.

But now- it’s good. I’m more caught up than I have been in a while.

Thankful Tuesday, Take 2:

22. I’m thankful that it’s actually starting to feel like fall in the mornings, even if the highs are still in the 80’s.

23. I’m thankful that I can walk to school in the mornings.  Ten minutes to clear my head and destress before starting the day can be a wonderful thing.

24. I’m thankful for friends who turn awkward situations into non-awkward situations.

25. I’m thankful for long naps when the house is quiet and I don’t have enough homework to feel (too) guilty about it.

26. I’m thankful for roommates who cook for me. Especially when said dinners are so exciting that picture messages are sent to parents.  In this house, a roast is a milestone.

27. I’m thankful for bible studies that are real. Ones that include honesty, lots of Jesus, and occasionally just getting off topic to laugh and share.

28. I’m thankful for my roommate folding my clean laundry while I’m not home.

29. I’m thankful that nobody noticed when I threw up on the side of the road while walking to school.

30. I’m thankful for the opportunity to worship with so many of my friends on Thursday nights.  Always good.

31. I’m thankful that I have all the skin on all my fingers (unlike a lady I met at the OT office).

32. I’m thankful for pandora.

33. I’m thankful for productive meetings.

34. I’m oh so very thankful for weekends.

35. I’m thankful that even though I don’t have TV, I can still watch Project Runway online.

36. I’m thankful for roommates who encourage me to do ridiculous things sometimes.

37. I’m thankful for The Lizzie McGuire Movie which we watched at our house on Friday Night.  You’re never too old for that movie. & when Lizzie and Gordo finally kiss, and then he says “thank you”? Bahaha. Best thing ever.

38. I’m thankful that crazy test weeks aren’t every week.

39. I’m thankful for cupcakes. (Even though I have consumed way too many of them in the past few days.)

40. I’m thankful for my electric blanket. So cozy!

41. I’m thankful for my dog’s pregnancy!! The puppies will be here so soon, and it will probably qualify as one of the best days of my life. Not even kidding.

42. I’m thankful for the wonderful music maker that is Hunter Hayes. This song makes me giggle.

43. I’m thankful for the game of Nertz.

44. I’m thankful for being able to watch How I Met Your Mother online. Twenty minute episodes are the perfect length to restore my sanity during study sessions.

…Or to watch when I’m caught up and slightly unmotivated. Might just go do that now…

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