In the Middle of My Little Mess, I Forget How Big I’m Blessed.

Side note: This song. Totally relevant.

Not a lot to say today. Just my first Thankful Tuesday list as mentioned here:

1. I’m thankful for rainy mornings that force me to drive to school and therefore allow me to sleep in an extra ten minutes.

2. I’m thankful for lab group members that hand out fun sized snickers bars during class.

3. I’m thankful for aunts and uncles that buy me dinners at Cracker Barrel on their way back from Florida.

4. I’m thankful for roommates who send me desperate text messages claiming there is a mouse in out kitchen.

5. I’m thankful for a Daddy who helps me change an air filter over the phone so our crazy landlord doesn’t charge us 25 dollars to do it for us.

6. I’m thankful for exterminators that keep out cockroach count to a minimum.

7. I’m thankful for the small amount of sane people in my classes that make conversation bearable.

8. I’m thankful for hilarious self-portraits left over on my phone from this weekend.

9. I’m thankful for two cancelled classes this week.  Two more hours of free time seems like two days.

10. I’m thankful for my car making it to 50,000 miles.

11. I’m thankful that I woke up to my alarms this morning and didn’t oversleep.

12. I’m thankful that I have the ability to apply to grad school (even though it’s totally freaking me out right now).

13. I’m thankful for silly, but hilarious videos like this one that force me to laugh at myself more than I already do.

14. I’m thankful for the skin on my face healing after the horrible eyebrow waxing lady ripped it off last week.

15. I’m thankful for gel nail polish that may actually be worth its expensiveness because it is forcing me not to bite my nails.

16. I’m thankful for good covers of songs like this one. Good stuff.

17. I’m thankful for my falling apart well-loved brown converse that are still wearable after six years.

18. I’m thankful for a friend who doesn’t mind me calling him anytime I walk or drive somewhere alone.

19. I’m thankful for roommates who ask me for relationship advice even when I’m not very qualified to give it.

20. I’m thankful for roommates who take care of things for me when I can’t answer my phone.

21. I’m thankful for classes that are teaching things that I have learned before and are therefore much less stressful.

So many little things, but so many wonderful things.  I’m liking this so far.


One thought on “In the Middle of My Little Mess, I Forget How Big I’m Blessed.

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