Camp Week 6 & Why Pictures Don’t Matter.

Last year at camp I took a lot of pictures.  I don’t mean that I was one of the people who took 500 pictures a week, but I took plenty.

This year at camp I feel like I hardly took any.  Most of the pictures I took have already been posted on my blog (& that’s not many).

But I’m not sad or disappointed about it.  I just feel like it is what it is.

One difference is that we’re no longer allowed to post camp pictures on Facebook.  So the fun of posting pictures for everyone to see isn’t really a possibility anymore.  & I don’t think making blog posts filled with 100 pictures each would be much fun for anyone.

But still, I’ve just realized a few things.

One thing is that  already have pictures of a lot of the kids.  & even though they look bigger and older this year, I already have their face captured once.  & that means that it will never be fully forgotten.

Another thing is that pictures don’t make the memories.  Really, they don’t.  For me, I’ve decided that it’s much more important to do stuff and actually make awesome memories than it is to take pictures of other people making memories.

And lastly, I have found that there are just a ton of things that pictures can’t capture.

I had an absolutely wonderful camper for the last week of camp.  I love him to pieces.

But pictures can’t ever seem to capture what his hugs felt like.

& they can’t capture what his (slightly slobbery) kisses felt like either.

…or the countless spankings I got for that matter.  I don’t have a picture for that one though.

Pictures can’t help me to remember what it felt like to have him smear banana pudding in my hair.

& they can’t help me remember what it felt like to ride a wagon in the middle of a downpour.  Or to fall on my butt and get covered in mud..

Pictures can’t help me remember my sweet conversations with this boy.

I can’t capture getting tapped on the shoulder by this precious boy.

I can’t take a picture that shows how awesome this guy’s hand motions are.

They can’t ever show how much I love these boys.  Like this one:

& this one:

& this hilarious boy:

& this awesome kid:

& this one:

& last, but definitely not least, this one:

So while I do love these pictures & value them a lot, they are enough.  I have more memories than I ever thought I would get, and I cherish all of them.

Camp Hawkins came through with another unforgettable summer.

I love it.  I love my kids. I love my friends. I love how it has changed me.

Favorite place ever? Pretty much.

Already counting down until next time? Of course.


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