Camp Catch-Up (Weeks 4 & 5).

Camp is already over, & I haven’t even blogged about weeks 4 and 5 of camp.

…So much for keeping on top of my blogging.

But I’m doing it now which is definitely better than never.

However, because these weeks were a while ago (especially in camp time), I don’t have a lot of commentary.  & even though I slept 14 hours last night after I got home from camp, I’m still a bit emotionally exhausted.  Leaving camp is never fun. Ever.

I just want to share a few pictures of my lovelies from these two weeks.  Two girls who were so different, but both provided pretty fabulous weeks.

One camper loved everything about camp: my beautiful sunshine.

& another who didn’t act like she liked anything about camp (although I think some of that was an act): my drama queen.

We posed with oranges to reenact photos from camp many years ago.

We celebrated Jesus in bible study.

We rode wagons.

& this sweet girl practiced safety first.

I got to make funny faces with Lady Gaga’s biggest fan.

& with this funny guy:

I got to hang out with this sweet guy:

& this cool kid:

I did a lot of clapping for this precious boy:

& I got to spend time with one of my precious campers from last summer.

I got to hang out with this cowboy:

& this sweet girl:

This crazy wiggles girl:

& this cool girl:

Weeks 4 & 5 were definitely both quality in their own unique ways.

Beautiful girls and fabulous memories.

While one week was full of smiles, singing, and basketball, the other was filled with conversations about boys, scowls, and make-up.

One was easy and the other was a bit more testing on my patience.

But I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Camp delivered two more fabulous weeks. In two summers of camp, I’ve have 8 wonderful girls as campers.  Oh how I love them.


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