The ABC’s of Camp Hawkins Week 3.

is for my wonderful, sassy, hilarious, and beautiful camper this week.

is for buzzing.  The best compliment my camper gave me on my fashion choices this week.

C is for this drama queen who I got to room with this week.

is for drums: my camper’s most favorite part of music class.

E is for this adorable little ball of energy.

F is for fiance: my camper’s favorite person of the week.  The wedding is partially planned, in case you were wondering.

G is for the girls cottage.

H is for this precious girl who made me cry at the talent show (again).

is for ice pops, our afternoon snack which did nothing to curb my hunger.

is for this fabulous boy who stole my heart last summer.

is for this “stinky” girl.

L is for this sweet girl. High Five.

M is for messy meal, which was especially fabulous with this adorable table mate.

is for nap time, which was great, but could have been better if one of my roommates didn’t constantly snore like a freight train.

O is for overalls: my outfit of choice for the horses.

is for this fabulous picture frame.

Q is for quite awkward: this picture on the swing.

R is for roommates.

is for salad because I had it for dessert at several meals.

T is for the talent show which, for my camper, began with stripping and ended with tears. Fabulous.

U is for the umpteen amount of times my camper asked Kendra to get her cellphone back.

is for Victorious: my camper’s favorite television show.

W is for Will: the cheating ex-boyfriend who caused a whole lot of heartache for my camper.

X is for x-rated dancing: which almost occurred on several occasions.

Y is for yellow pants, which unfortunately become a little bit see-through when you wear navy underwear.

is for zero: the number of times my camper dumped water on me during water games (thank goodness for fiances and bridesmaids).

Only a couple of those were stretches.  Hopefully the ABC’s represented well what an extremely fabulous week I had.


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