When Homesick Isn’t for Home.

I’m at home this week. Home home, that is. The original one.

Usually when you’re at home, there’s no reason for you to be homesick. That’s what you would think, at least. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I just spent a week at my favorite place. When I left yesterday, I cried. I cry every time I leave camp. Just can’t help it. I cried on the way home, and I cried when I got home. (Pretty sure that made my parents feel awesome.)

Even though camp isn’t my home, and I only get to spend 5 or 6 weeks there out of every 52, I just can’t help but to feel sick for it when I’m not there.

I had a beautiful camper this week.

We had a wonderful time, but she was homesick a lot. I don’t really know why she was homesick, but it caused some tears and some moments where being comforted was hard.

I think it was hard for me to understand her being homesick while she was at camp because I never want to leave, but now I think I get it a bit more.

When you’re away from a place you love, you miss everything about it. Even silly things. Even dumb things.

So here are a few things that I’m missing from my first week of camp::

Watching my camper with her favorite thing at camp, Bluey the inflatable dolphin.

Having this sweet girl follow me around. (Even though I’m pretty sure she only did because she associated me with eating, since she signed for it every time she saw me.)

Having this crazy girl call me Anita all week even after I told her my name was Erin.

Having this sweet guy ask me to lay my hand on him and pray even though I’m pretty sure it was just one of his many methods of flirting with all the ladies.

Having my first camper ever agree to take a picture with me. But just one.

Having this funny boy give me a surprise kiss on the cheek in a picture, even if it might have been slightly inappropriate.

Hanging out with this king.

Eating every meal with this boy-crazy girl, who at least knows not to go after married men.

Getting to hang out with this awesome girl.

& this one too.

Getting my make-up done by this sweet girl.

Getting diagnosed with skin disease by this awesome doctor.

Listening to this hilarious girl sing all the time.

& Answering a million questions from this precious girl.

These are my people. I miss them terribly, but I am so thankful for the wonderful week I got to spend with them.

& I definitely can’t wait for the other 4 weeks I get to spend with my people this summer. It’s going to be quality.


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