Happy Heart.

Summertime is always weird.  Especially the current time frame where school is out, but camp hasn’t started yet. I’m not at school, and my friends from school are currently scattered all over the country/world.  Going home doesn’t fully feel like going home anymore, and my friends from high school will be scattering themselves out some as well.

It’s a drifting phase.  Drifting phases seem to make me think.  I don’t really know why.  It may have something to do with the sudden lack of constant social interaction.  Or maybe in between times are just good for reevaluating.  Not sure, but it definitely still happens.

Tonight seems to be a perfect time for such evaluating.  I’m in Macon, but my roommates are sadly missing.  The alone time combined with our house’s lack of television, an atmosphere slightly bad for sleeping, and the fact that my vacation ended only a few hours ago is like the perfect mix.

There’s a lot going on in my head, but I’d just like to say that my heart is happy.

My heart is happy because while I may be drifting, I have three places that I love, and three places where I feel loved.  Most people are lucky to have one.  I have Marietta, Macon, & Mt. Airy, all of which I get to spend time in this week.

My heart is happy because I just got to spend 5 days in a beautiful place with 6 of my favorite people in the whole world.

My heart is happy because beach trips don’t have to be ruined when a tropical storm comes through.  In fact, better memories can be made at midnight in the rain and wind than at noon in the sunshine.

My heart is happy because I can cry in my car for a stupid reason and my friends still love me.

My heart is happy because a friendship has been strengthened.

My heart is happy because a friendship has been slightly weakened, but only enough to put everything back in perspective.

My heart is happy because I just realized how lucky I am to have friendships that are long lasting and continually getting better.

-Like this transformation (which is mainly characterized by the monumental improvement of our hair styles):

-And this one (which is kind of just hilarious):

-& This one too (obviously, he’s a lot happier to be around me these days):

-Plus 4 other equally important ones, who should probably just feel lucky I couldn’t find adequate old pictures to use.

My heart is happy because my friends don’t need matching bracelets to prove our friendship (even though I still like them.)

My heart is happy because I’ve discovered that writing letters is surprisingly wonderful.  & I’ve written two tonight.

My heart chest is happy because my sunburn has faded. Pretty much the same thing, right?

& My heart is happy especially happy because I will be at my favorite place in the whole world in only 4 short days. With my favorite kids in the whole world.

& I will be making a much stronger attempt at blogging my way through camp this summer, so I can continue to share this happiness.  I don’t plan on my heart being sad for at least 7 or so more weeks.  It’s a good feeling.


One thought on “Happy Heart.

  1. Hi Erin! Someone gave me an award, and part of the award was that I have to give other people the award. So, I gave it to you! Go look at my blog to see!

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