Lessons Learned from Living Like a (Sort of) Grown-up.

Living off campus has brought many new adventures this year. But we’re learning. & some of the lessons we’ve learned may be slightly amusing, so I thought I would share them.

Lesson #1: Even though the picture on the can may look exactly identical, hominy is not the same thing as corn.  & it is definitely not as delicious.  Do not make the mistake of buying it, because you may feel bad when your roommates try to force it down and then wasteful when the disposal eats the majority of it.

Lesson #2: If you forget to take the trash out, turn the air conditioner off, and go to the lake for four days, you kitchen well smell extremely unpleasant when you return.

Lesson #3: If your water heater stops working, you call the plumber.  Not any of the other repairmen listed on the call sheet.

Lesson #4: Some packages require signatures.  Some cheap things like 14 dollar water bottles require signatures for unexplained reasons.  But if you go to the lake for four days and can’t sign for your new water bottle, they send it back. Rude.

Lesson #5: There is no good way to attach fake flowers to you wall.  Well at least none that we can figure out…

Lesson #6: Bills are annoying.  That’s all there is to it.

Lesson #7: Sometimes extremely random and inconvenient things happen.  For example, one of the feet of your claw foot tub may decide to break off while you’re in the shower. Although, this may be a terrible start to your morning, it is, in fact, repairable.

Lesson #8: Don’t answer your door at 11 p.m. if you’re not expecting anyone.  You may become paranoid and be unable to sleep for the night.

Lesson #9: Just because you come home to 4 police cars and an ambulance in your street does not mean that one of your roommates is severely injured.  It may just be that you have some crazy neighbors.

Lesson #10:  It’s a good idea to remember when leftovers are from.  And also to throw them out periodically.  Nobody like molded potatoes.

Lesson #11: Shoo the cats that decide to make your front porch their home away, but do not throw rocks at them or spray them with the hose like your crazy landlord tells you.

Lesson #12: Don’t call the police on the plumber when he comes to fix your oven.  It was turn into a crazy mess and everyone will laugh and/or make fun of you when you tell them the story.

Lesson #13: Don’t accidentally leave the stove on for hours after you are done cooking. Or the oven for that matter.

Lesson #14: It might be worth it to make friends with the police if you have to call them at least four times in a year.

Lesson #15: Don’t put chicken carcasses in your trash can, or the opossum might make a visit.

I’m sure we have a lot more to learn, but I hope it’ll keep being this fun and entertaining to learn those lessons. Living like a (sort of) grown up is a lot more fun with a lot of laughs. 


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Living Like a (Sort of) Grown-up.

  1. Erin,
    I TOTALLY disagree with the first paragraph. I LOVE HOMINY! You’re right it tastes nothing like corn, but otherwise it’s great. As far as the rest of what you said I figure that’s a blonde being a blonde 🙂
    Love ya’

    • Haha, maybe I need to try hominy again when I’m not expecting it to taste like corn. But I don’t think I appreciate the dumb blonde comment! Miss you though, Tumbles! See you soon!

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