Deciding to be Happy.

So I’ve kind of been in this funk.  Like a be-in-a-bad-mood-for-three-days kind of funk.

Nothing super terrible happened.  A few things didn’t got my way because I got my hopes up, but then I just stayed in a bad mood.  I freaked out on the phone with my mom, and I was a jerk to one of my best friends, but nothing happened that was bad enough to make me angry for 72 hours.

At first I felt justified to be slightly moody, but after about a day, I realized that I had no right to have a bad attitude.  I just kept it around because I felt like it.  How stupid is that?

I honestly can’t tell you why.  I didn’t want sympathy.  I think I might have just wanted people to ask me what was going on, but I have a super awesome roommate who listened to everything anyways, and I was still unhappy.

I was just being stupid.  Like for real.

Once I realized that I was choosing to be in a bad mood, I realized that I needed to choose to be in a good mood.  & then I stumbled upon this:

I don’t really know much about Voltaire.  I’ve pretty much only heard his name in The Princess Diaries and I’m pretty sure he’s in my ethics text book, but this is solid.

Seriously, being in a bad mood did nothing but make my mood worse.  Choosing to be happy is better for my soul.  & it’s definitely better for my relationships.

& even more than that, I really have no excuse to be in a funk.  So things aren’t perfect, they’re never going to be.  Get over it.

But this is what I know.  Psalm 13:5 is on the desktop of my computer and this is what is says: “I have trusted in Your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.”

I’m pretty sure you can’t be in a purposeful bad attitude while rejoicing in salvation.  It just doesn’t work.

So for now I’ve chosen.  I’ve chosen to rejoice instead of putting myself back into whatever kind of funk I was in.  It’s better this way.  Better for me and better for everyone around me. I hope you decide to be happy too.


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