Traditions: Christmas Eve.

Let’s just start out by stating the facts: I’m big on traditions.

I like them a lot.  & I like them to stay the same every year.

& most of the time, I get my way in this area.  I’m pretty sure there have been a few Christmas mornings where the air conditioning has been on, but we’ve still had a fire in the fire place.  It’s just not the same without one.

However, there have been a few times when I haven’t gotten my way.  I found out that this year we’re not having a traditional Christmas meal at either of my grandparents’ houses.  Instead, we’re having meat trays and barbecue. Seriously, who does that? But when I found out, in the check out line at Kohl’s no less, I cried.

You can laugh.  I don’t care.  This just shows how important Christmas traditions are to me.  Plus, my mom cooked a traditional Christmas dinner that we had yesterday (& it was almost as good as the real thing).


But when it comes to Christmas traditions, Christmas Eve is probably the most important.

First of all, we went to a Christmas Eve candle light service. This has changed slightly.  We didn’t go to the service at the church I grew up in where approximately 400 babies cry during the singing of silent night, and every grandparent in town shows up to show off their  grandchildren dressed in Christmas attire.  Instead, we went to the candlelight service at Passion City.  It was wonderful, and totally still fulfills the tradition.

Then, I ate my traditional Christmas Eve dinner by myself.  A frozen dinner and a Santa coke in a glass bottle.  (It used to be Kid Cuisine, but now a Totino’s party pizza does the trick.)

Cookies and a Coke were set out for Santa.  (But only the average-looking cookies since I realized the prettiest cookies were being devoured by our golden retriever instead of Santa).

And now, I’m banished to my room.  I used to go to bed, but now Molly and I have an exciting night of movie watching ahead of us (in our Christmas pajamas of course). My parents are eating their traditional Christmas Eve dinner of steaks and homemade Caesar salad alone downstairs while we are stuck up here.

The offer has been extended to me during the last couple of years to join in on this fancy Christmas Eve dinner.  But I know the unspoken rule: come to dinner = no Santa.  It’s totally not worth it.

So upstairs I will stay.  Until I finally fall asleep sometime after midnight (due to excitement or the fact that I slept until 1 p.m. today).

& then we will be woken up way to early in the morning to start a day full of more and more traditions. A day full of celebrating family, and giving, and most importantly Jesus.

So until tomorrow, Merry Christmas Eve.


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