Fashion Questionability.

I have decided to write a blog post about fashion.  More specifically, the current fashions that I just don’t understand.

Now, before you say anything, please understand that I am not claiming any credibility in the fashion area.  & I am definitely not trying to give anyone fashion advice.

Please remember that all of this is coming from the girl who oftentimes dresses like a five-year-old.  I wear hairbows everyday, and my regular outfit rotation includes overalls from the thrift store, several pairs of keds, vans with flamingos on them, about twenty pairs of tights, and lots of bright colors.

Yeah, I’m no fashionista.

But I still have opinions.  And I frequently question things about clothes.  So I’m going to state my questions, and if you have answers, please give them to me.

1. Can someone please explain to me why my shorts need to have three hooks, four buttons, and a zipper? Well, I may be exaggerating a little, but seriously.  One day, all of the contraptions I have to go through to take my shorts off are going to make me wet my pants.  & that will not be a good day.

2. Next, I would love for somebody to tell me why in the world it makes sense to wear boots with shorts.  To me, it’s simple.  Shorts are for when it’s hot, and boots are for when it’s cold.  This just doesn’t add up.  Either your calves will be hot, or your thighs will be cold. No bueno.

3.  Why don’t people like to wear shiny rain slickers anymore? If you search them on google, you find more raincoats for dogs and lawn geese than people.  Seriously? Completely lame if you ask me.  I think they should be popular (and not cost $92…)

4. I also don’t understand why choker necklaces are listed as a fall trend this year.  I don’t like to feel like a can’t breathe.  And I also don’t like to feel like I’m a dog wearing a collar.

Or at least I don’t like it anymore.  I did however, rock a stretchy choker back in the day:

5. Lastly, can you tell me why it makes sense to wear above the knee boots? Umm, they make pants for that. Just sayin’.

These are actually the only fashion annoyances on my mind right now (surprisingly). However, I may continue this as people continue to wear weirder and weirder things.  And for reals, if you understand these things that I don’t, feel free to enlighten me.



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