Shorter 405 vs. Appleton 1266.

As this new school year has begun, and we’re settled into our new house, sometimes I can’t help but compare the differences between spending the last two semesters in Shorter 405 to our current living situation here at Harriett Plantation.

There are lots of advantages.  You have no idea.

The first thing we can do here than we couldn’t in Shorter is get to our room without having to climb 62 steps.  The two steps we have to climb up to get to our porch are a million times more manageable.

The next advantage of our new place of residence is that we can check our mail without having to use a combination.  This is extremely convenient when you’re as forgetful with numbers as I am.

The third thing we can do at Harriett is cook.  And not even in the microwave.  Whoa.

And, even though it’s hard to believe, after we cook, we can sit at a table and eat it. Because we have room for a table.  Crazy, I know.

Another advantage of Harriett is that we have the option to take a bath.  (Even though we haven’t tried this one out just yet. At least not with water..)

Also, while living in Shorter, we could never find parking.  But here, there is plenty of parking room for all of us.

Another difference is while there were many, many forbidden items in Shorter, we can now possess some of these items with no consequences.  For example, matches.

It’s also sort of wonderful that we can do laundry without having to pay for it.

And, as simple as it seems, it’s a big advantage to actually have a little bit of floor space.  I can lay on the floor without hitting anything, a concept that has been foreign for the past two years.

And finally, I can own a bed that’s bigger than a twin.  Totally worth it for this.

Plus, even though we have a Crazy Landlord right down the street, at least we don’t have an RA right next door.

But even without all of these advantages, I’m pretty sure Appleton 1266 would beat Shorter 405 just because of these lovely people.


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