Embarrassment by Xanga.

While I will admit to using facebook a good bit, I would like to think that I’m not one of the annoying  facebook users.  I try not to update what I’m doing every 14 seconds, post pictures I took of myself in bathroom mirrors, complain about how terrible I think my life is, or write mushy things about my boyfriend (err, or I wouldn’t if I had one).

But I have to admit that, back in the day, I was one of the annoying xanga users.  For several years of my life, mostly in middle school of course, I updated my xanga page religiously.

& for some reason, I thought everyone wanted to know every detail about my life.  I wrote paragraphs about my mundane middle school existence, posted hundreds of icons that I probably spent hours looking for, and posted song lyrics that I would be currently embarrassed to admit having on my iPod.

I also solidified my coolness by writing about band in almost every post as well.  Yep, I was awesome.

But now, for some reason, I can’t seem to delete my xanga.  While I know that this terribly embarrassing piece of my past is floating around in cyberspace for anyone and everyone to stumble upon, it just seems too hilarious to get rid of forever.

So what to do? Make a blog post about it, of course.  So here it is: some embarrassing things about me, that you can see from my xanga.  Enjoy.

First of all, it is slightly embarrassing that the URL for my page is www.xanga.com/prettyponypopcornprincess6.  Were there 5 other prettyponypopcornprincesses? I seriously doubt it.

Second of all, my picture is pretty embarrassing as well.

I mean, I know I wear hair bows, but that look just isn’t cute at all.

& then the groups I was a part of were equally awesome uncool. You know you wish you could have been a member of P33P LoV3Rs and KMHS_MARCHING_PIMPS.

But it didn’t stop there.  So here are a few embarrassing  statements and experiences documented through my xanga:

“sO what if i happened to lick my grandparent’s dog– once– its not that weird”

“this morning i forgot shoes, && i felt really stupid.” (2-28-2006)

“so today i missed my bus stop and i felt really dumb–” (2-27-2006)

“today:: (playing catchphrase in band)
rachel: the first people on earth
me: the pilgrims!” (12-16-2005)

“on the way home the juice from my pasta leaked out of my to-go box onto my lap! ha! it looked like i through up on myself cause it had like pieces of cheese in it!” (11-13-2005)

“i went to church and i played this funny game where bryan had to feel my head!” (11-13-2005)

“i didnt put anything up my nose” (6-21-2005)

“my dog hates me now! because i sprayed her with windex and chased her w/ the vvaccum cleaner ” (7-10-2004)

“@ church me nd alyssa and mckenzie looked coneheads! it was cold so we put our hoods on (and tied them really tight!)” (4-14-2004)

There are many other embarrassing things documented as well.  Like how I filled out 200 question surveys about myself, used the word “muahz” at the end of my posts, and asked for comments when I knew no one was going to write any.

But I still think keeping my xanga is worth it if only for the laughs, and maybe for some of the memories as well.  Although middle school memories aren’t always pleasant anyways…

(note: While I wrote this post fully aware of it’s embarrassment potential, please try to refrain from judging my current self based on the above post.  I no longer lick dogs, consider my self a peep lover or a pimp, or stick strange objects up my nose.  I’m just sayin’…)


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