This is my second Public Service announcement.  I hope this one comes across as a little less bitter than the last one.

For one, this is aimed at everyone, not just those of the male persuasion.

And also, I wrote this as a speech for my public speaking class last year.  So I’m not angry about this topic, I have just been observing and think that some people may need a polite(ish) reminder.  So here it goes:

Dear People Everywhere,

Picture this: You’re walking across campus on the way to your next class, quietly observing the environment and the people around you.  All of a sudden a couple appears in front of you who happen to be very cutely holding hands.  You might think to yourself “Aww, they’re so precious,” and continue walking with a smile on your face.  But what if that adorable couple suddenly stops in front of you and begins to passionately make out on the sidewalk.  All of a sudden, they’re not so cute.  You wonder whether to turn around, or walk by really quickly in order to avoid being awkward.  No one likes being in this kind of situation, so do everyone else a favor and do not be half of the couple in this scenario.  I’m asking you to avoid public displays of affection.

The main reason to avoid PDA is simply to be considerate to other people.  For some people, who perhaps do not have a significant other or who do not have the opportunity to see their boyfriend of girlfriend very often, seeing other people being affectionate may make them feel sad or lonely, or they may become jealous of what other people have.  That just isn’t fair.  Everyone should be able to be happy and content with their current relationship status without it being brought to their attention everywhere they go.  Because of this there are several places that you should regulate your PDA.

The first place to avoid PDA is obviously in public.  Most of us remember the weird couple in high school who made out between every single class while other students tried to pass by without either gawking or gagging.  No one wants to turn the aisle at the grocery store and be surprised by the couple swapping spit in the produce section.  And I’m sure most of us have been unfortunate enough to sit behind the high school couple in the movie theater who obviously didn’t come to watch the movie, eww.  Plus it’s never a pleasant surprise to glance at the booth next to you in a restaurant and see people who obviously wanted to taste what each other had for dinner.  It’s just not polite.

Another place where PDA has become abundant recently is in facebook pictures.  Please do not put a picture where you can’t see your face because it’s attached to some one else’s as your profile picture.  First of all, no one can tell who you are by glancing at your picture, and no one wants to look long enough to figure it out.  Realize that the picture shows up everywhere on facebook, not just your page, and people you don’t even know can probably look at you kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend.  Also, please do not past complete photo albums of you kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend from thirty-seven different angles.  The only people who care enough to look at them are probably your relatives (awkward) or your significant other who’s already in the pictures.

The last place you should avoid public displays of affection is not really public, but is still equally important.  For those of us who have room mates, be considerate enough not to display your affections in front of them.  I will probably never forget waking up from a nap freshman year to discover a pantsless boy in my room.  Nobody wants that unpleasant experience to happen to them.  Remember that even though you’re not technically in public, you still need to be careful of who can see what you’re doing.

I’m not saying that we should enforce laws like South Africa where it is illegal for anyone under the age of sixteen to take part in public displays of affection.  Those laws have caused even worse problems like protests and “kiss-a-thons” across the country.  One couple publicly displaying affection is too much, we don’t want to encourage more than already occurs.  I don’t even think high schools should have to have rules against PDA because people, even teenagers, should have enough common sense to realize what is appropriate.

Love always when you keep your hands to yourself,



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