Slumber Party.

I hosted and went to countless slumber parties in my day.  We pretty much trashed houses, including my own, and I think there are still make-up stains on our carpet from one too many “makeovers.” We stayed up as late as we could even if it was until 5 or 6 in the morning.  We pigged out on junk food and devoured cans of whipped cream by squirting it straight into our mouths.  We prank called boys on their house phones because we didn’t have cell phones yet.  And we dressed up for hours on end.

Sleepovers don’t happen very often for me anymore.  I mean, I guess I have sleepovers with my roommate every night, but it’s not as exciting when you have class in the morning.

But this weekend, I hosted a true “girls only” slumber party.  My cousins Mackenzie, Emily, and Abigail slept over for the night and we engaged in a whole lot of authentic sleepover activities.

We made our own pizzas for dinner, and then the real fun started.

First, we colored.

We also dressed up, using my closet as the supplier of couture, of course.

Emily modeled a winter look.

Kenzie modeled the summer look.

And Abby modeled for spring.

Emily also modeled a look for Mardi Gras…?

And Abby modeled the Kanye look (complete with a chocolate face).

We also made one-of-a-kind jewelery.

And, of course, we ate some delicious ice cream sundaes.

And what sleepover would be complete without talking to some boys (or texting my friends while pretending to be Chinese people named Ping, Chong, and Pong)?

… or at least pretend to text with a deactivated cell phone circa 2006.

We also all slept on the floor in our sleeping bags giggling all the way to 1:30 a.m.  Who knew a four year old could make it that late? I sure didn’t.

And when we woke up in the morning, we had some yummy pancakes to greet us.

After a couple more hours of playing with play dough, eating lunch, and playing some game that involved being closed in the closet with a very excited golden retriever, it was time for the slumber party to end.

…And time for me to take a nap.

Maybe there’s a reason I don’t have sleepovers anymore.

But despite my exhaustion from kids not being able to sleep in until noon, it was a very successful slumber party. And I must say that I had a whole lot of fun.  And I may be up for another one in the future… We’ll just have to wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Slumber Party.

  1. I love reading you “hairbow diaries and this one was the greatest because we are all related, LOL. You are so special to take time to laugh with these young ones. Thank you, Erin for just being you. Love you!

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