Sophomore Year Reflections.

So this is a little late.  I officially finished my sophomore year of college like ten days ago or something, but due to the combination of packing, unpacking, a wonderful beach retreat, and a little procrastination, I’m writing it now.

It was a ____ year.  I could fill in the blank with several adjectives, and they would all be true.

It’s been good, but it definitely hasn’t been all good.

It’s been long, but at the same time I can’t believe that it’s over.

It’s been tiring. Yep.

It’s been stressful, but many parts have been stress-relieving.

& It’s been fun.  Most definitely.

No matter what happened though, I’m thankful it did.

-I’m thankful for the new friends I made.  They’re absolutely wonderful. Especially my favorite freshmen sophomores. (weird)

-I’m thankful for my not-so-new friends too.  They’re also wonderful, and I’m glad I became even closer to them.

-I’m thankful for a wonderful roommate who always wore pants and didn’t bring boys into our room in the middle of the night.  And who lived with me for two semesters and is willing to live with me again.

-I’m thankful that God gave me friends who are doing awesome things for Him this summer.  And that even though I won’t see them, I can know that they’re still there for me.

-I’m thankful for all of the conversations I got to have.

-I’m thankful that God started changing my mind about what I want to do with my life. Even if it’s nerve wracking, I know it’s for the best.

-I’m thankful that I got the chance to go to Haiti and that I’ve been given the opportunity to go back and love on some more precious babies.

-I’m thankful for every laugh.

-I’m thankful that I got to take so many naps.

-I’m thankful for new experiences, including getting my first ever C in a class.  I survived, just in case you were worried.

-I’m thankful for a surviving GPA.

-I’m thankful for the automatic exercise I got everyday, even though I won’t miss the 62 steps it took to get to my dorm room.

-I’m thankful that I lived in the middle of campus, even though I will not miss the sorority and fraternity chants or hearing obnoxious events on Porter Patch.

-I’m thankful for the caf, even thought it was quite terrible sometimes, but I won’t miss not having a kitchen.

-I’m thankful that I was able to wake up for 8 a.m. class everyday except one, but I never want to do that again.

-I’m thankful for everything I learned, in and out of class.

-And finally, I’m thankful that it’s over.  I’m thankful that I have an awesome summer to look forward to.  And I’m thankful that I have a whole lot of the same and also new things to return to in August.

Of course there were many other things too, but I can only write so much.  It’s crazy to compare now to this time last year.  But even though it’s different, it’s most definitely better. And really, that makes everything worth it.


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