Obsession Confessions Part 2: Matching.

(part 1)

Now it’s time for me to admit a second, slightly less obvious obsession that I have.  It’s an obsession with matching.  Matching my outfits.

Every night before I go to bed, I lay out my clothes for the next day.  This way, I have plenty of time to make sure that everything coordinates.

I match my: shoes, socks, pants, belt, shirt, sweater, underwear, bow, and jewelery. Everything on my body matches.  And it bugs me when it doesn’t.

In fact, if I have to change my shirt for some reason, I usually have to change my whole outfit.  Or at least my everything visible.

However, today was a different story.  I was not allowed to match.

It may not look bad to you, and I guess it could have been worse, but this was not a pleasant outfit to put on.

I had tie-dyed shoes, green socks, argyle tights, a plaid dress, a purple tank top, a strawberry shirt, a tan sweater, Shamoo and Christmas light earrings, a rainbow necklace, a pink watch, AND two bows to top it off.  And that’s only the visible stuff.

But I wore it. It’s hard not to do something when it raised money for summer missions. Especially when I’m going to be a summer missionary.  So even though I was not pleased, I was willing.

However, if this was meant to be some sort of OCD intervention from my friends, it didn’t work.  I’m back to matching even as I’m typing this blog post.  I even have a green and white striped bow to match my green and white striped shirt.  I had to make up for the last twelve hours somehow.

I will probably be a matcher for the rest of my life, but I wasn’t always that way.  In fact, the outfit I wore today seemed similar to outfits that my friends and I wore in middle school:

Well, at least the outfits we wore on tacky day…  There’s no way I was that un-matching. Even if I was thirteen.


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