Embarrassing Injuries Part 3: Bruises.

(Part 1 and Part 2)

Everybody gets bruises.  I personally have had far more that I could count in just the last year, let alone my life.  Sometimes though, bruises can result from exceptionally embarrassing situations or show up in extremely obvious places.

First, I’m going to tell the story of what is most likely the largest bruise I’ve ever gotten.  It happened to be on my leg.  It was disgusting, but the story behind it is slightly embarrassing.

I got this bruise during my senior year of high school while I was in Indianapolis for the Bands of America Grand National Championships (umm, yeah, the story is already embarrassing).

Right after we performed our show for prelims, the whole band had to leave the field and file into the seating area for a picture.  That’s what’s happening in the picture.  You can kind of see people climbing into the stands in the bottom right corner:

They had portable stairs that they pushed up to the side that we were supposed to climb. Sounds easy enough, but not for me.  I somehow managed to step right on the gap between the stairs and the stands.

Unfortunately, my leg fell through the gap.  It hurt, and I thought I was bleeding, but I ended up with this:

Gross, I know, but I guess it could have been worse.  I got to gross people out with it, and I was fortunate(?) enough to be able to perform two more shows even with all of those busted blood vessels.


The most obvious bruise I think I’ve ever gotten actually didn’t happen very long ago. Why was it obvious? Because it was a perfectly circular bruise right in the middle of my forehead.

It all started when I received a finals care package from BCM that my mom had sent me. As always it had some food and some toys.  This one happened to have an evil little toy commonly know as a popper.

After I got this popper, I was skyping with my friend Derrell.  He normally looks something like this while we skype:

But during this call, I decided it would be fun to suction that stupid popper to my forehead. It decided to get stuck.  And I couldn’t get it off for a minute.  After I finally got it off, Derrell looked like this:

Why was he laughing, you ask? Because I looked like this:

Please contain your laughter.

I had to walk around like this for about a week.  Everyone asked what happened, and everyone cracked up laughing when I told them.

So a word of advice: never suction a popper to your body.  Especially somewhere that everyone will see.  It won’t end well.


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