Embarrassing Injuries Part 2: Stitches and Broken Bones.

(Part 1)

As far as serious injuries go, I haven’t had too many in my life span.  And like I have mentioned before, I have only had broken one bone and have only had to get stitches once. However, we’re talking about me here.  I didn’t break my arm from falling off the monkey bars, and I didn’t have to get stitches because I accidentally cut myself with a knife.  I don’t do injuries the normal way.

Let’s start with the broken bone.  I made it 18 years without a broken bone, and lots of kids can’t say that.  Unfortunately, my streak had to come to an end at some point, and it came to an end with a broken rib.

The weird thing is, I didn’t even realize that I had broken a bone when it happened.  This may be because I didn’t fall, or run into anything, or get hit.  I coughed.  Yep, that’s right.  I broke a rib from coughing.  Who knew?

I had bronchitis, and coughed a lot and coughed hard until, during one cough, I felt something pop.  It didn’t do anything, so I ignored it until I started to have pain a little bit later.  I eventually self-diagnosed myself, but you can never be confident in that.

I even went to the doctor and told them about the pain, but they told me I was just sore from coughing.  Suuuuure.  The next day I had to go get an x-ray.  Sure, enough, they called me and said I had a fractured rib.  I was right, but still in pain.

You can’t do anything about a broken rib except wait.  There’s not even a cast for all your friends to see and sign.  I was quite disappointed, but not disappointed enough to want to break another bone.  Hopefully that’s something that I’ll never have to experience.


The story behind me getting stitches is definitely more embarrassing that my broken bone story.  In fact, it happened because I was just plain dumb.  There was no other excuse.

It happened when I was in third grade, and I had stayed after school with my mom.  For some reason, I was really bored.  So what did I do? I went into the hallway and spun around in circles.  This probably wasn’t the best option, but I would have probably been okay if nobody had knocked on the door at the end of the hallway.

Yes, it’s true.  I blame the kids from the after school program, better known as the after school prisoners.  If they didn’t feel the need to pee, I would have been okay.  But alas, nature called, they knocked, and I ran down the hall to answer.  Except, on the way down the hall, I ran into the cinder block wall because I was dizzy from spinning around in those dang circles.

But I made it to the door, and the after school prisoners made it to the bathroom.  Then, I walked into my mom’s classroom and told her I hit my head.  So she puts her hand on my head to feel it, and pulls it off to find that it’s covered in blood.  (She reacted like this. Just kidding.)

So we went to the hospital, and I got two stitches on my head.  Not too traumatic, and nobody could even see them.  But believe me, I don’t spin around in circles for entertainment when I’m bored anymore. Everybody knows that’s what Facebook is for.


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