My One Day Without Shoes.

Every year TOMS shoes sponsors a day without shoes.  This year’s just happened to be today.  This is the idea: Go barefoot for one day, so kids don’t have to.  While going barefoot for a day doesn’t actually give kids shoes, it does raise awareness so (hopefully) more people will support TOMS.

I absolutely adore my TOMS.  I’ve actually had my pair since senior year of high school. (I’d like to think that I was cool and had mine before they became too popular, but at the same time, my Dad had TOMS before I did).  They are definitely well loved, but they’re holding up.  I’ve been working up the nerve to spend the $69 to buy a new pair of cordones, but I haven’t done it yet.  Maybe I can convince myself that’s it’s worth spending money that I don’t have to help some precious child.  Or maybe I’ll wait until I make some money this summer.  That’s probably the better option. (Or I’ll take donations.  Just kidding.)


Anyways, I decided to participate in the one day without shoes for the second year in a row.  Last year I went barefoot all day except for when Ms. Carolyn scolded me for trying to sneak into the caf without shoes (something about a health code violation? psh).  So this year I wore my slipper socks to lunch and she didn’t catch me. (I did see a few barefoot friends today though, so maybe she’s accepted it.  I’m not sure).  Other than that, I have been and will be shoe-less all day.

The biggest thing that I realize after going barefoot is how blessed I am to have shoes. While it’s fun for one day, there are a lot of places I wouldn’t dare go (or wouldn’t be allowed to go) without shoes.  After consciously thinking about how many kids go barefoot everyday, I feel pretty selfish when I look under my bed and see this:

Yep.  That’s how many pairs of shoes I have.  41 to be exact (and that’s not even counting the shoes I left at home).  I know it’s ridiculous.  And obnoxious.  And you may think I’m crazy or OCD because I have shoes that match every outfit.  I agree.

Obviously shoes are a necessity as protection from infection and disease, but I also read today that kids in Haiti (and I’m sure other places too) can’t go to school if they don’t have shoes.  Haiti hits close to home.  That kinda makes me feel sick when I think about these faces:

To think that my precious babies from my trip in January may not be able to go to school or get an education because they don’t have shoes while I can pick from 41 pairs everyday is disgusting.

So even though you can say that TOMS are too expensive, that they should give more and be a non-profit organization, or that their shoes aren’t good enough quality, if they help these precious kids, and tons more like them, I’d say it’s worth it.

Kids don’t get to choose where they’re born,  they don’t get to choose if their parents can afford shoes for them, they don’t get to choose if they’re allowed to go to school, and they don’t get to choose if they become infected with a disease that can be prevented.  However, I can choose to help and only hope that I’ll be able to make a difference to a precious child like this one:

I mean, really.  How could you not want to help somebody as cute as that?


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