Why I Love Spam Emails.

Most people are annoyed by spam emails. I usually am too, but sometimes I choose just to laugh at them.  There are several reasons why I love spam emails.

1. They send me adds for products that I definitely need.

For example, wigs and spy cameras.

–Great! I can wear my new wig as a disguise when I use my new spy camera…?

2.  They let me know when I win awesome prizes.

–Yep.  Still waiting for the money…

3.  They let me know about ways to meet my future husband.

–Too bad he’d be dead by the time we had kids…

4.  They tempt me with ways to increase my laziness.

–I wonder if they would let me drive my power chair around campus…

5. They tell me when medicines I’ve taken could cause me to die.

–At least I’ll be compensated once I’m dead.

6.  They offer helpful definitions.

–Because I definitely needed to know that, and could never use urbandictionary either.

7.  They show me ways to take my facebook stalking to the next level.

–Just kidding.

8.  They offer me ways to keep from having to go to the grocery store.

–Yep.  I’ll keep them all in my mini fridge.

9. They remind me of places I’d much rather be than school.

–I mean, who wouldn’t rather be in Hawaii than in Macon?

10.  Last but not least, they tell me how to get a Russian bride.

–Because I’ve always wanted one of those…?

What would we do without spam email? I have no idea.


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