Annoyingly Entertaining People: Concert Edition.

After an long adventure of driving to Atlanta last Friday afternoon (including traffic, poisonous snakes, getting lost, driving off a curb, and telling the most embarrassing story about myself ever), it was very exciting to finally be at the concert.  These are my observations…

Most people go to concerts to see a band they like, and I’m no exception.  A Rocket to the Moon was pretty amazing.  However, it’s a bonus that I get to people watch while I listen to awesome live music and look at pretty boys who can sing.

Interesting people go to concerts, and last weekend at the Masquerade there were plenty of them to observe.  There were a good amount of people who looked to be college-aged like us, but to me, there seemed to be a million high schoolers.  I will admit, I was a high schooler once and probably definitely did annoying things as well, but I am still going to blame most of the annoying acts on people in that age group.

So, here’s a list.  Annoying things high-schoolers people do at concerts:

1.  If you’re at the concert with a date, the female must stand directly in front of the male.  This must be done as close as physically possible, of course.  Then, the guy must either place his hands on his girlfriends waist or wrap his arms around her shoulders and cross them over her chest.

This is awkward because you know it’s not comfortable.  It also probably causes even more sweating that what is normal when you’re on a packed concert floor.  Eww.  Even if I love somebody there is no reason for them to feel me sweat glisten.

This earns extra awkward points if the guy is either the same height as the girl or shorter. Poor guy can’t see.

I just don’t understand it.  If I was on a date, I’d at least want to see the boy.  In this position, I would look like the left picture to him, and he would look like the right picture to me.

Yeah, not so cute.

2.  For some reason, people feel the need to touch people who they don’t know on purpose. I know sometimes it can’t be avoided, but it is super annoying when people keep poking you.  For real, we’re not in second grade.

My friend Becca was victim to this when two boys kept taking turns poking her and blaming it on each other.  Real mature boys. Way to go.

3.  High school girls think they have a chance with the members of one of the bands.

Seriously, you want to be comfortable at a concert.  There is not reason to wear short skirts or heels.  A successful band member is not (at least for the right reasons) going to be interested in a fourteen year old girl.  Especially one who’s trying too hard.

4.  People try to make a mosh pit when nobody else wants to.

I mean, I’m all for getting into the music, but it’s not cool to ram into people and elbow them while trying to start a mosh pit.  You just look dumb and make everyone around you angry.

5. People violently push their way to the front of the crowd.

Come on people.  Have common courtesy.  If you want to stand in the front, get there early.  It just makes sense.

6. People dance like crazy people.

Like I said before, I’m all for getting into the music, but there is never a need to flail your arms or whip your hair (unless you’re at a Willow Smith concert).  Just act civilized.

7. Couples think the crowd is an ideal place to make out.

It’s not.  Period.  There are tons of people around watching you and trying to conceal their gags and the small amounts of throw-up trying to creep up their throats.  Also, you’re hot and sweaty from standing so close to each other already (see #1), and most likely one of you smells bad.

If you want to be romantic, don’t go to a concert.

8.  People try to be creepy in the parking lot and just look dumb.

Don’t ask us for a ride because you forgot your keys and then go get in your car and turn it on when we say no.  You’re still creepy, but don’t expect anybody to fall for your tricks when you’re that dumb.

So, that’s all I can think of/ remember, but there were probably more.  It would be good for all of you to avoid all of the behaviors on this list the next time you go to a concert.  Just sayin.


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