On Being Sassy.

If you ask my wonderful group of girlfriends how we would describe ourselves, one of the first words to come out of any of our mouths would most likely be sassy.

And even though they refuse to admit it, our guy friends are pretty sassy themselves.  (Or if they do admit it, they try to blame their sassiness on us.  Lies.)

We like to think of our sassiness as a good thing, but unfortunately for us, our definition of sassy differs a little from the official definition:

While we might like to agree with the “boldly smart” part, I don’t think any of us would ever admit to being saucy. I decided to get the opinions of a few of my lovely friends on what they think of our version of sassy:

  • Amanda: “My way of making people laugh.”
  • Becca: “When you say something funny that’s infused with lots and lots of sarcasm.”
  • Lauren: “Sarcasm that’s not meant to hurt anyone- positive sarcasm.”
  • Christine: “Being witty, and funny, and poking fun at each other in a nice way- our way of bonding.”
  • Brooke: “It’s a sarcastic way of showing witty, cut-down humor without being seriously mean.  It’s mutually understood that’s it’s all in good fun.”
  • Catherine: “Sarcastically teasing someone in a witty way.”
  • Caitlin: “A vocal large black woman.”

In short, we’re hilarious.  (Just kidding, but not really).  We’re witty, sarcastic, and like to make fun of each other without hurting each other’s feelings.  In its best form, we use it to bond and show our affection.  And if we’re sassy with you, it probably means that we’re comfortable enough around you to try to make you laugh and close enough to you that we don’t have to worry about you taking us seriously.  It’s definitely a positive.

Urbandictionary sums it up a little better than the above dictionary.com definition:

Sadly, not everyone around here seems to understand enjoy our sassiness like we do. Recently we received the suggestion of transferring our sass into spunk.

What exactly is being spunky? Well, we can’t exactly figure that out.  It was explained to us as like being sassy, but in a more positive way.

I don’t know about that. If we girls go around being hilarious, witty, nice, and positive, it might just come across more as flirtatious. That would just add to our extreme amounts of awkwardness, but I’ll save that topic for another blog post…


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