Guest Blogger: Molly (My Visit to Mercer).

note: Molly visited Mercer University today.  I decided to let her tell you about her experience for herself.

Hi people. Molly here.  I’m so happy owner #3 is letting me blog. I spent the week at the beach with owner #1 and owner #2 (see picture below).

It was awesome.  I played in the ocean, dug in the sand, met lots of other dogs, and even ate seagull poop.  When they forced me to leave this morning, I was not happy, but I was very surprised and excited when we stopped to see owner #3 at Mercer University.

We went for a walk.  I love walks.  I got to sniff the campus, meet a couple of owner #3’s friends, and see some people playing ball (too bad I wasn’t allowed to play).

Before I knew it, owner #2 and owner #3 were trying to take pictures of me next to a statue of some old guy. I do not like pictures.  I had to try several tactics to avoid these pictures turning out well.

Tactic #1: Attempt to lick statue.

Tactic #2: Attempt to lick owner #3 so she cannot ignore me.

Tactic #3: Make owner #3 laugh so she will think the picture is unattractive.

Tactic #4: Make owner #2 laugh while taking picture so it will be blurry.

Tactic #5: Try to escape off of bench.

Tactic #6: Owners still tried to take pictures after I escaped off the bench, so I moved so much that owner #3 appears to be strangling me. 

Tactic #7: Roll over to make owner #3 look silly and gain bonus belly rub.

Tactic #8: Avoid eye contact with camera.

Tactic #9: Avoid eye contact with camera by looking in the other direction. 

I did finally allow one acceptable picture to be taken.  What can I say, I have to occasionally please the people who feed me.  After all, I must earn milkbones somehow.

I hope I get to go back to visit owner #3 at Mercer again sometime.  If only they allowed dogs to live there…



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