When I Die, Delete My Facebook.

I am not planning on dying anytime soon, but you never know about these things.  Since it could happen at anytime, here are a few requests:

1. In the event that I perish, somebody, anybody, needs to delete my facebook page.  (note: my password is located in my crackberry.  I give permission to whoever has it in their possession to invade my privacy.)

2.  In the case that you fail, and my facebook page still exists after I die, please do not write on my facebook wall.  You can celebrate my life in other ways.  It is weird to write messages to a dead person.  I will be in heaven and will not receive them anyways.

3. If my facebook is deleted, do not make a page for me.  I do not need all of my facebook friends to “like” me.  Nope.  Again, I will be dead and will not need your likes to boost my self-esteem.

4.  If you fail once again, and there is a page made for me, do not update the page.  I have seen facebook pages for dead people where they make updates.  Everyone knows dead people can’t update facebook.  This is just creepy and weird.

5.  Also, if a page is made, apply number 2.

6.  I give you permission to talk about me, laugh at me, do whatever you want.  Just don’t put it on facebook.  While facebook is officially open to everyone, I don’t think dead people should be included.

7.  If facebook does not exist when I die, apply these instructions to the current social network of choice.

This is not meant to be offensive, I am just expressing my wishes.  One day I will put this in my will.




One thought on “When I Die, Delete My Facebook.

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