100 Random Things About Me.

I decided to do this as my first blog entry just for fun.  I will be impressed with anyone who takes the time to read all of this, but I did try to include facts that not many people know. So here it goes..

1. I love hair bows, and this may be obvious by the fact that I wear them everyday.  I also enjoy the fact that some people know me as the girl who wears the bows.  Unfortunately, I have decided there will be a point in my life where hair bows are no longer appropriate attire, but I haven’t decided when that point will be.

2.  I am an only child, and the first thing everyone asks me when they find out is whether or not I ever wanted siblings.  To answer that, there were points when I did, but I am currently perfectly happy with my only child status.  However, I am definitely planning on marrying a man with at least one sibling because I don’t want my kids to miss out on having cousins.

3. I love golden retrievers.  During my nineteen and a half years of existence, only about four months of those have I not had a golden retriever.  My family had Jake when I was born, I got Ginger for my sixth birthday (whose death made me cry for about a week straight this summer, but was the laziest most relaxed, sweetest, and easily frightened dog in the world), and now we have Molly (the crazy dog who is extremely annoying insists on following you wherever you may go, but you can’t help but fall in love with).  I can’t imagine not having dogs as a part of growing up.

4. I’m not OCD, but certain things have to be a certain way.  Every night I check the weather for the next day and then pick out my outfit.  My outfits always match, from bow to shoes to underwear to shirt.  I don’t wear things that don’t match.  (For the record, I don’t match my underwear in case anyone sees it, it’s only for my own purposes).

5. I am a very organized person, and everything in my room has a place.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with room mates who also keep their things fairly organized.  However, I know that there are certain friends who I could never share a room with because their mess would drive me insane.

6. I like singing a whole lot.  I’m not saying I’m good, I’m just saying that I do it all the time.  Anyone who has ever ridden in my car will tell you that I pretty much sing the whole time.  And yes, I’m the person you stop next to at a red light who looks like a crazy person singing to herself.

7. I absolutely adore taking naps.  Instead of taking naps when I have time, I make time in my schedule to take naps.  I probably enjoy nap-sleeping more than night-sleeping.  I love being able to take a break from everything and just relax a little.

8. Luckily, I have never really been seriously injured.  I have only had to get stitches once, and even then only two were necessary.  Unluckily, this injury came with an embarrassing story.  People tend to laugh when you tell them the reason you had to get stitches was because you hit ran into a wall… when it wasn’t even dark. Oops.

9. Also, I have only broken one bone in my life.  Once again, there is no cool story behind this injury.  Somehow I managed to fracture a rib from coughing.  I didn’t even know that was possible, but in case  you were wondering, it definitely is.

10.  I never learned how to ride a bike.  I know this is shocking.  Every time I tell my friends this, they act surprised then tell me that they will teach me how.  No one has taught me yet.  So if anyone wants to volunteer, I’ll be willing to take you up on the offer, and I’m sure you will get to laugh a lot during the process.

11. I chew gum a lot, not because I necessarily love gum, but because I have a constant fear of my breath smelling bad.  My secret is that I don’t throw my gum away, I swallow it, almost always.  I know this is probably not the healthiest thing to do, but sometimes I just can’t help it.  Thankfully, I did learn that it doesn’t really stay in your stomach for seven years.

12.  Sometimes I feel left out a good bit, but I know that this is mostly my own fault.  I hardly ever invite myself to do anything with my friends because I have a big fear of being the annoying girl whose friends don’t really want to hang out with her.  I know this is irrational because I have wonderful friends, but I just never want to be that girl.

13. I have four holes in my body, and all of them are in my ears.  I never plan on getting any more holes either.  I love wearing earrings, but I don’t have any desire to acquire any more piercings.

14.  I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was about five years old.  Unfortunately the skin on my ear grew over one of my earring backs in the first grade.  After that traumatizing experience which involved recommended surgery, lip numbing ointment, and my dad pulling the earring back out with tweezers, I had to get  my ears re-pierced.

15.  I got the second holes in my ears right after I turned eighteen.  I asked my mom, and her response was that she knew I would do it anyways even if she said no.  Personally, I think she was glad that I only wanted two extra holes and nothing else.

16.  I also never plan on getting a tattoo.  The permanentness of tattoos is what scares me.  Also, if I ever ended up on this website I might possibly die of embarrassment.  However, I don’t (always) judge my friends and classmates who get tattoos.  I usually approve of tattoos with major significance in a place that can be easily covered with clothing, but pointless tattoos or tattoos in dumb places like your face, I have a hard time understanding.

17.  I actually like driving a lot.  I always volunteer to drive for my group of friends.  I think it’s a lot of fun to drive my friends whenever we go somewhere.  We usually sing and laugh a lot which makes it pretty entertaining too.

18.  I have judges the Georgia State Chili Cook-off twice.  Once I was an assistant to my dad, and the other time I got to fill out my own score sheet.  I bet you didn’t know I was such an expert, did you?

19. I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life, and that was during sophomore year of high school.  While I don’t regret that relationship, I have to say that I will have a completely different approach to my next one, whenever it happens.

20.  I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but I love how my teeth feel afterwards.  I think this hatred comes from having a bad gag reflux.  Once I threw up on the stupid paper bib they make you wear, and I think it scarred me for life.

21.  In middle school I was an official member of the Marshmallow Peeps fan club.  I even payed to be a member.  In fact I still have my membership card, my t-shirt, and the Marshmallow Peeps sing-a-long CD.

22. I can’t sleep without covers, even if I’m really hot.  I prefer having more than just a sheet too.

23. My favorite TV show in the world is Project Runway.  It’s the combination of the crazy contestants, the ridiculous fashion, and Tim Gunn that sucks me in.  Seriously, I wish I could meet Tim Gunn in real life. I’d like to think that we’d “make it work” and be friends.

24. I have been to seven countries in my life. The United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Ecuador, and Haiti. I plan on going to a lot more before I die.

25.  I want to drive some sort of heavy machinery before I die, like a bobcat.  I haven’t convinced anyone to let me do this yet, although I have been able to sit inside of a couple.

26.  I also would like to ride in a hot air balloon.  It would be preferable if this happened to be in a romantic situation as well.

27. The third item on my bucket list is to do some sort of graffiti. I don’t want to do anything illegal, I just think it would be fun to learn how to do that.  Maybe someday I’ll have an extra wall to experiment with.

28.  I absolutely love making people laugh.  This means that I’m usually more than willing to tell corny jokes, make fun of myself, and tell outrageous stories, and sometimes I don’t filter everything I say.

29. I absolutely love kids, and the lack of children on college campuses makes me quite sad.  Luckily, I am planning on spending this upcoming summer working with kids, and I’m really excited about that.  I love that I’ve gotten to do mission work with children in four different countries too.

30.  I had really bad acne for a long time during high school especially.  Now that’s it’s better (after approximately four hundred acne medications), I try to take really good care of my skin.

31. The only exception to number 30 is that I get sunburned really bad.  Like face-swollen-blistery-lobster-red-sunburned.  I never plan on getting sunburned, but with skin as pale as mine, it’s sometimes unavoidable.  Now I just pray that I don’t end up with skin cancer.

32.  I really like cooking. In fact, one of the worst parts of living in a dorm room is that I don’t really have access to a kitchen.  While I don’t necessarily want to cook three meals a day every day, I do wish that I could cook when I want to.

33. I hate journaling.  After I journal, I usually feel like what I wrote had no significance, or I reread what I wrote and notice how stupid I sound.  This is one of the main reasons that I have decided to attempt blogging.  So I can document my life without writing in a stupid journal.

34.  I hate blank walls.  Both the walls in my room at home and in my dorm room are mostly covered with pictures, posters, painting, and cards.  It just makes my rooms feel a lot more personal and fun.  Like bows, I know I will have to give this up at some point in my life, but once again, that time is not now.

35. I have been in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,  and going to New York City was one of my favorite trips that I’ve ever taken.

36. I really enjoy watching Glee, and besides Project Runway, it’s the only show I watch regularly.  While I do admit that some of the characters get pretty annoying with their drama, I love the music.  Plus, the two new beautiful male characters don’t hurt either.

37. I have really good handwriting, so I’m always the person who volunteers to write things.  Even though I can’t draw, I can write prettily.

38. I get really annoyed with people who “like” everything on Facebook.   I take pride in the fact that I only “like” fifteen things.  In case you weren’t sure, everybody likes breathing, so you don’t need to let us know on Facebook.

39. I’ve only had one job in my entire life.  One one hand, I’m lucky that I haven’t been forced to work, but I’ve also been in the position where I’ve tried to get a job and was unable to get one.

40. I love pictures.  I have pictures everywhere, and I just like to look at them when I have time.  I just like going back to good memories.

41. I was in band for seven years, and it took up most of my spare time during high school.  While I enjoyed (most) of it, I’m glad that being involved in band is no longer part of my identification.

42. I never thought that I would lose touch with most of my high school friends until after I graduated from high school.  However, it makes me more thankful for the few that I have remained close to.  I love the band besties dangerous posse more than anybody.

43.  I am also amazed at how quickly I became close to new friends at college.  Even though I’ve only known my Mercer friends for less than two years, I feel as close to some of them as I do to friends that I’ve known for ten.

44. I actually don’t mind doing most homework assignments that I have to turn in, but I hate studying.  This means I usually don’t do it enough.  I’m working on this one.

45.  I’ve only tasted alcohol once.  I had wine when we took communion in Haiti.  It barely covered my tongue and it made me have absolutely no desire to have it again anytime soon.

46.  In middle school I would sit on my sandwiches that I brought for lunch everyday in order to squish them.  I guess I just liked them better that way, or I may have just wanted the attention.  I was pretty obnoxious back then.

47. On the subject of sandwiches, I brought bologna and bread sandwiches for lunch almost everyday in high school and never got tired of them.  I don’t think I’ve had bologna once since I’ve graduated.

48. I have a planner that I write everything in.  I write any plans I have and at what time they occur, and I also write all of my homework and school assignments in it too.  Part of it is that I don’t want to forget anything, they other part is just me being particular about things like that.

49.  I count when I brush my teeth.  This is so that each side of each tooth is brushed the same amount.  It’s also so I brush the same amount each time I brush my teeth.  I know it’s weird, but now you know not to try and talk to me when I’m brushing my pearly whites.

50. I never ever plan to smoke a cigarette.  They disgust me.

51.  I actually enjoy serving other people.  I think it’s fun, and I know that’s something God has given me because nobody should enjoy doing things like cleaning.

52.  My birthday is May 18th, the day after my Dad’s.  While it would have been neat to have the same birthday, I’m glad we don’t have to celebrate on the same day each year.

53.  In high school, my birthday was always during the school year, but now it’s during the summer.  It’s selfish, but I don’t like having a summer birthday because I don’t get all the attention from my friends like I used to.  I’d rather have to go to class but be able to see everyone.

54. I’ve been in two car accidents.  One was my fault, and the other one definitely wasn’t.  They both were very traumatic for me, and I never want to be in a car accident ever again.

55.  I really don’t like talking on the phone at all.  I pretty much only talk to my mom on a regular basis.  I’d much rather talk in person or text message.  For me, the phone is just awkward.

56. The fact that I’m turning twenty pretty soon actually freaks me out.  I don’t know if I’m ready to no longer be labeled as a teenager.

57. It also freaks me out that people my age are beginning to get married.  At this point in my life, I can’t see myself getting married anytime soon.  So it’s weird to realize that it’s actually possible.

58. I love going to the beach, but I hate sand.  I put on sunscreen a while before I go to the beach so I don’t have to grind sand into my skin, and I prefer to have a chair so I can avoid having sand on me as much as possible.

59.  I really enjoy reading, but I only allow myself to read “fun” books when I have a break for school.  I know that if I start a book, I won’t do my school work until I am able to finish reading it.

60. I got braces in the 5th grade, and I actually wanted them.  Believe me, by the time they came off a year later, I wasn’t nearly as fond of them.

61.  Even though I’ve been braces free for almost eight years, I still wear my retainer.  I have one tooth that moves if I don’t, and it drives me crazy.

62. I once threw away my retainer in the cafeteria trash can in middle school.  I had to sift through the trash in order to find it.  This was probably one of the grossest experiences of my entire life.

63. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to caffeine.  Coffee is not my method of choice, I’d much rather have soda.

64. I think my favorite store is probably Delia’s.  I would like to buy about half of the items in their catalog.  However, they are not very cheap, so that’s kind of unfortunate.

65.  I’m not a big fan of early mornings.  I usually don’t say a word until after I get ready and leave my room.  I would prefer to wake up about nine every morning, not too early, but not late enough that you waste half the day.

66. I don’t think I could ever die my hair permanently.  I have a fear that something would happen and it would never come out.  I just don’t want to give up my blonde.

67.  I did die my hair with temporary die once.  It was kind of a red color, and it was not cute.  I had to worry about my outfits not clashing with my hair.  I think it gave me a new found respect for gingers.

68. I talk to myself a good bit.  I try really hard not to do this when  my room mate is in the room, but sometimes it just happens.  I also read aloud to myself when I write papers, so I try to write when I’m alone too.

69. I have double jointed fingers.  Sometimes I use this to gross people out.

70.  I can also pinch people with my toes.  I used to do this a lot, but I gave a couple unappreciated bruises and stopped after that.

71.  I hate being tickled.  I don’t think it’s fun or funny.  I will not laugh if you tickle me, but I will get mad.  Since I hate it so much, the only people I tickle are small children who actually do enjoy it and will not tickle back.

72.  I have too many shoes.  I have more than thirty pairs under my bed at this moment.  Boys don’t understand, and some girls don’t understand, but it all goes back to my need to match.

73. I was never involved in sports growing up.  I danced and did marching band, but I won’t even try to tell you that those count as sports.  I don’t really regret it.  It just wasn’t my thing.

74. When I was little I loved to string beads.  I still like to make jewelery.

75. I like to color a lot, but I usually refuse to color with kids because they want to start a new page every four seconds before you can finish the page you’re working on.  Not ok.

76. I used to know how to play four instruments: piano, oboe, flute, and English horn.   I haven’t played any of them in over a year and a half.  I think that I will regret giving this up at some point in my life.

77. I have never had surgery, and I’ve never been “put under.” I will be perfectly content if I never have to experience these things.

78. I like turbulence when I fly in airplanes.  It reminds me of a roller coaster, so I think it’s funny when the people around me freak out.

79. I rarely abbreviate words when I write, even in text messages.  I usually write things pretty much as I would say them if I was talking.

80. I don’t really have a nickname seeing as you can’t really shorten Erin.  Some people did call be Brownie in high school, but nobody does anymore.

81. I am very thankful that my parents decided to call me my whole first name. I feel bad for people whose parent’s called them by either their middle name or a shortened version of their name.  I will name my children what I plan on calling them. It just makes things a lot less complicated.

82. I push my snooze button one time before class every morning.  However, if I don’t have a specific reason to get up at a certain time, I will snooze until my heart’s content (or my brain is awake).

83. I used to use xanga religiously.  Not too long ago I found out that mine still exists on the internet.  I refuse to delete it because reading it makes me laugh a whole lot.

84.  I also found out that my buddy4u profile still exists from back in the day of AIM.  I refuse to delete it for the same reason.

85.  I did delete my Myspace page. There was nothing worth saving connected to that page because I never really understood Myspace very well.

86. I am currently very happy with Facebook and I hope that everyone doesn’t move on anytime soon.  I don’t use it obsessively, but I don’t want all of the pictures to disappear into cyberspace.

87. I don’t understand twitter.  I don’t see the need to tell everyone what I am doing when I am doing it.

88. I really like listening to Pandora while I’m in my room.  I like the combination of surprise with the fact that I will most likely enjoy the surprise.  Whoever invented Pandora is considered a genius in my book.

89. I have glasses, but I’m not a big fan of wearing them because my eyelashes hit them every time I blink.  I usually only wear them when I drive at night, which is pretty important.

90. I am thankful for my blonde hair mostly because it means I don’t have to shave my legs as much as people with darker hair.

91. I save my name tags whenever I get them.  I have a whole collection of name tags, mostly from BCM and Emmanuel church, stuck to my wall behind my desk.

92. I like talking a lot, but I rarely talk in class.  If other people are talking, I don’t try to get a word in, but if the room is silent, I’ll make my point.

93. This past semester was my worst semester ever grade wise.  Thankfully, I survived, and I think my GPA will too.

94. I would rather spend my breaks from school doing something meaningful than just being lazy.  I have a hard time justifying laying around my house when I could be doing something much more important.

95. I really wish I was fluent in more than one language.  I blame my school system for not beginning foreign language classes until the 8th grade.

96. I don’t like being touched by people I don’t know. When I’m in a crowd and people start pushing, I tend to freak out a little bit.

97. I also freak out when people stare at me.  It’s just weird.

98. I won’t drink out of glasses at restaurants without a straw.  For some reason that is one thing that grosses me out.

99. I think everyone should have a piggy bank.  Mine sits on my desk, and he comes in very handy.

100. I will never make a list of 100 random things about me ever again.


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