so today is the first day of february—&& it was pretty good!

–>biology was good, but it usually is. except for when we were watching this video and there was a hole on the side of this cow and it went straight through to its stomache!! i think it was animal cruelty (and gross) but i guess thats just my opinion.
–>french was ok.  kinda boring class but thats ok. me and rachel made a list of things we need for our march 3rd karaoke//dress-up//whipped creap//taboo get together! lOl
–>lunch was good.. kinda boring in my opinion today. and mack wouldnt let me show him what i meant by a water cooler! ha.
–>band was good.  we thought we were gonna have sectionals but it worked out ok.  puctures tomorrow. ew.
–>art was fun as always. dr. carsillo cut a bunch of my pieces for me cause she said i didnt know what i was doing. lOl but i was glad she did it.
–>church was good tonight.  the drama was funny. it was like this show i watched one time on game show network. haha.
–>broomball on friday night then super bowl party on sunday night! woo!
–>tomorrow is groudhog day. if you didnt know that.




for you are awesome,
god of the nations,
lion of judah,
rock of the ages,
alpha omega,
worthy of all praise,
more than these hands i raise,
i’ll live a life of praise



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