well, i guess now would be a good time for an update– while im procrastinating doing my biology homework and practicing.

–school is going pretty good, nothing very bad or really good yet
–lunch is good, except that there isnt enough room at our table
–band is pretty good, im getting most of the music… me and daniel’s “sectional” went great today. lOl
–i think im gonna go to the game and taco mac tomorrow–  should be fun
–then probly goin to hannah’s on saturday to watch miss america… that should be fun too

<>i like this new xanga posting thing so far
<>i have really bad luck with purses
<>i think i have slight OCD because i brush my teeth the exact same time and way everyday and i do my make-up in the same order everyday and i do stuff in my shower in the same order everyday….
<>im really liking the song unwritten by natasha bedingfield– its a happy song!
<>i need some new chapstick really bad…

new picture– its me && ginger!

yesterday it was exactly 4 months til my birthday… ha!


cOmMeNts?? PleaSe?

yeah so my mom didn’t want me to go to the game cause i don’t fell too good.  oh well… im still gonna go to hannah’s tomorrow night!


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