time for an update cause i don’t have any plans for today::

so far during the break i::
–>went to the movies and saw the chronicles of narnia. it was very good.
–>went over to katie’s house and had a lot of fun
–>christmas!! (duh)
–>practiced my oboe a lot… the wind ensemble music is hard!
–>cleaned my room! woo-hoo
–>went shopping!!! i spent a lot of money && giftcards but i got a bunch of stuff
–>scrapbooked like crazy! i have done a lot && i’ve almost finished new york!
–>went to kristina’s new year’s eve party ((tons of fun! i love all those girls))
–>listened to music like 24/7! lOl done a lot of that
–>wrote my thank you card for christmas presents…
–>made oatmeal cookies. ha!
–>finished painting my closet door!
–>slept in! YaY

well, i think thats about it… but i have had a really good break so far. only a few days left though. im kinda excited about this semester, i hope it will be good.  i have to go to the orthodontist on monday cause i broke my permanent retainer && they told me i could stop wearing my other one a year ago but if i dont my teeth shift– lOl my teeth are messed up now.



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