so this is basically my year– i would have to say this year was great– i really enjoyed it.  you guys dont have to ready all this but it was fun for me to go through my year like this… i cant wait for 2006! kristina’s party is tonight so that will be amazing! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! <333

::EDIT:: i deleted the rest of this post cause it was too long. if you really wanna see it (ha) just tell me.


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  1. i love you erin! wow i just read almost all of that and it makes me realize how amazing this year was for me …we’ve all grown up so much! i miss camp…that was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had! i’m kinda sad that 2005 is ending…it was definitely one hard and amazing year…but i think 2006 might even be more amazing! God definitely worked in all our lives this summer and throughout this year…and he has even more amazing things in store for us next year! love you! see you tonight!xO_hannah

  2. hi erin!!! how was your CHRISTMAS???? mine was great in california. your room is so cute! i love the closet doors…lOL. your entry was kinda long, so i gotta admit i gave up on the 11th or so line…… well i hope your in my AM STUDIES class next year, or a class this semester…..see ya!♥ Caitlyn

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