i slept in today- and it felt good. i hadn’t slept in in a while–
i haven’t really done much today.  but i did clean my room. && finally finished unpacking my suitcase! lOl i need to work on my paper–
katie’s coming over tonight- so that should be fun… then church tomorrow!

i <333 yOu!


when people ask me “are you two going out?”
you don’t realize how painful it is to reply:
“no, we’re just friends..”



4 thoughts on “

  1. FO REEL…I can feel ya on the “we’re just friends” tip!  I once had this dog and people used to ask “is that your dog”…and I’d have to say “nah, we’re just friends.”  Ok,. that’s not the same at all..oh well.  But for real, I understand

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