hmm– amber “tagged me”–

Ground rules:The 1rst playerof this starts with a topic of “5 weird haBits of yourself” and people who get tagged need to write an xanga entry about about their 5 wierd habits as well as state this tule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names. Dont forget to leave a comment that says ” You’ve been tagged” in their xanga and tell them to read yours.

1. sometimes i talk too loud– but i dont even realize that everyone in a room can hear my conversations

2. i have a weird way of thinking of thinks to do and never doing them// or starting things and never finishing them

3. when i paint my fingernails i end up scraping the polish of with my teeth in class the next day

4. when im tired i laugh at everything–

5. i tend to think my work is bad but i love everyone elses

–im sorry, im not tagging anyone. most of my friends have already been tagged and i dont really like these things anyways.



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