so i guess you’re expecting an entry so here it goes–

New York City was absolutely amazing. i had so much fun. i can’t even describe it and i can’t believe it’s already over…

sunday:: we got to the school and everyone was buzzing with excitement and exchanging gift and stuff like that. when we finally left the bus ride was long, but not unbearable. kinda chilly at night but i got some sleep. it seemed like we stopped a lot but the ride wasn’t that bad.

monday:: we got to the hotel and the rrom cpatains got off and got the room keys and everything then went to breakfast. after everybody ate we went to our rooms and unpacked and stuff like that.  then we went on a harbor cruise which was actually pretty fun. i didnt really go outside on the boat much cause it was cold and crowded but we got to see a lot of things.  then we went into the city and walked around and shopped. then we went back to the hotel and had practice then dinner and went to bed pretyt early. ha!

tuesday:: we got up and prepared for the bus tour– it was dumb. im sorry but it was stupid and half our bus fell asleep. ha. we didnt get to see a lot either cause it was rainy. after the tour we walked around some and then we went to eat at applebees for dinner. it was good and then we got to go see WICKED! it was amazing. i absolutely loved it and i want to see it when it comes to atlanta! lOl it was amazingly good. then we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

wednesday:: we got up and had practice for a little while. it was very freezing! it was colder then than it was in the parade. lOl but we were like really cold so they cut practice short and we came back to the hotel and ate and changed and then went into the city. we went to the empire state building which was pretty  neat and then we walked around until it was time to go on the dinner and dance cruise. it was pretty fun. we were downstairs at the beginning and it was ok, but it was wild upstairs. ha! it was really pretty (but cold) outside and we had fun “dancing” lOl. then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep way early.

thursday:: hm– what can i say about waking up at 2:30. lOl it stunk, but we were so excited.  we got up and got ready and then we to run through our show for nbc. we only had to reset once though, so even thought it was cold and rainy it wasn’t as bad as we had thought it was going to be.  then we went to planet hollywood for breakfast but after we ate our whole table fell asleep. ha! it was funny. then we got on the busses and we got to sleep for like an hour and a half. thank goodness! it felt so good.  then we got off the busses and stood on the street for a while, had our froup picture taken, and then wr started the parade. it was a lot of fun.  the nbc show was ok, but not perfect but i guess that’s ok. after the parade, we went back to the hotel, changed, and had lunch.  after lunch i walked around the hotel for a while, we cleaned our room some, i took a long shower, and then we just hung out. then we had thinkgiving dinner. my table was me, my parents, meghan, her parents and sister, kate, patrick, and michelle. it was a lot of fun but definatley wasn’t the same as all of my other thnksgiving. ha! then we went to bed early because we were super tired and i didnt sleep that afternoon.

friday:: we got up and loaded the busses and what not and then drove to the city for the last time. we went to the museum which was ok, but we had fun in the giftshop. lOl. then we walked around and shopped and had a lot of fun at sharper image. ha. then we went to see radio city. it was alright. good but slightly boring at times. i definately like wicked tons more! then we went out and all bought purses and then loaded the busses for home. we played the apprentice board game a couple times and then went to sleep.

saturday:: the bus ride home was extremely long. everyone was so tired and everything but i guess it wasnt that bad. it definatel could’ve been worse. but i was very exctied when we got home. i came home and did some stuff around the house and then i fell asleep for a while. lOl we got my disposable camera and my mom’s pics developed but i cant get my digital pictures til later.  oh well. atleast i’ve seen them.  now im really tired and i think i’m gonna go to bed soon. i’m excited to see everyone at church tomorrow. but then i have to write my romeo and juliet essay thats due on tuesday. ha! that’ll be fun.

❤ Erin

P.S. if you have pictures online tell me so i can look at them! i’ll give all of you mine as soon as we get the internet fixed opn our other computer. ❤


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  1. OMGoodness ERIN!  I totally saw you on tv; well at least, half your face, or I think it was your face.  I didn’t see Will at all, though.  They kept showing the other bell guy. I was so mad.  Anyways, I’m glad you had fun.

  2. ERIN!!!!!!!!!! you are HOME!!!!!!!! i did not see you on the televisiong seT!! but i deff. heard yOu!! haha i did see wiLl one time ((unfortunately)) thought i would get to go a week with out having to!!can’t wait to see Yougah i have not even thought bout that paper i ❤ yOuxO_amber

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