ok- i guess it’s time for another entry–


so this week was fun:: monday was ok. tuesday was fun.  i got up and got ready, then amber came and picked me up. so then we went to her house and watched laguna beach until alyssa, ansley, and hannah got there. so then we were gonna go eat at texas roadhouse but they weren’t open so we went to bugaboo creek steakhouse- and that was fun. we told them it was amber’s birthday and they came and sang and made her kiss a moose puppet. lOl then on the way home the juice from my pasta leaked out of my to-go box onto my lap! ha! it looked like i through up on myself cause it had like pieces of cheese in it! it was hilarious!! and it smelled like garlic! it was so funny. then we went back to amber’s and watched little mermaid until my mommy came and picked me up.  the rest of the week was pretty good- (seemed very short!) then on friday my mom picked me up early from school and we went shopping for new clothes!! got some new stuff!


yesterday was mall manhunt! it was amazingly fun– the van was fun on the way up there, then after we got there we ate lunch which wasnt that great but thats ok. so then we got into our teams and started the game!! it was so much fun.  all the disguises were hilarious! so me and victoria ended up getting 3rd place! but maybe 2nd if amber’s team is disqualified? i dunno. so then we had some shopping time and then we went home.  so my parents picked me and victoria up and we met our grandparents for dinner which was good. it was really cold in the restuarant though. so then we walked to target. and we saw andrew!! so we talked to him for a few minutes. then i got some stuff i needed for new york, and some of my “secret sibling” gift. so then we came home and victoria went  home. 


this morning i went to church and i played this funny game where bryan had to feel my head! ha! there were 40 freshmen there! then mr. andy taught then 9th graders. then we went to church, and i talked for a while after the service– then we went out to lunch.


i have a romeo and juliet quote sheet to do- but not much other homework…


this week is our last week of rehearsals before macy’s!!! im so excited but it seems like it farther away. hmm… i can’t wait! 7 more days!



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