–school this week has been kinda poitless seeming, math is dumb, lit is just romeo and juliet, art is normal but i feel like im not actually doing anything in my classes…
–cobb exhibition on monday– it was a lot of fun… we did really good–
–sectional today was kinda pointless, but i dunno, i wasnt bad or anything. pretty short but we didnt get a lot done cause 13 people out of our 31 person section didnt come…
–so freshmen finally got to sign up for busses today. lOl but our bus has me, sharon, rachel, meghan, alex, mack, brianna, april, etc… gonna be lots of fun. ❤

uh– gotta go do my math hw that i dont really understand and practice flute some i guess… i havent been doing that as much lately–



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  1. Hey! It’s caitlyn. let me know how the game tonight goes! good luck at the thing on saturday! i love your music. deana carter, right? i like songs!caitlyn

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