so pretty good week:::

–flag football on sunday was amazingly fun!! i had a great time…
–school was school– but not a very stressful week
–band.. none on monday, went to exhibition and hung out w/ victoria for a while…
–warfare wednesday was so much fun.  it looked great in the high school room and there were a bunch of people there!

–today i hung around the house– got a lot done (except for my lit project- im starting to hate the novel cold sassy tree)
–football game: pretty good- we actually won a homegame for the first time this year. lOl- halftime was horrible, but post game was really good (atleast i thought so)
–mini camp tomorrow… everybody hates them, but they’re not bad, except for the waking up early part. lOl hopefully we’ll get props in!

…gonna go take a shower and then go to sleep–

❤ Erin


^^haha- let me go get my llamer so it can mow the field. lOl


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