homecoming last night was absolutely fabulous!!! i had a great time. our group (me, amber, alyssa, ansley, mckenzie, jessi, kristina, jenna, lolly, ben, alex, and daniel) all met at amber’s and took pictures and then we went to shogun! it was really fun but our bill for 5 people was $91 lOl. then we went to the dance and i had a lot of fun! everybody i saw looked so wonderful! INTERVENTION! haha– then afterwards we went to starbucks and that was fun.

this morning i went to church– and whitney was there!!! i was so glad to see her. then a few of us went out to lunch for victoria’s birthday and that was fun–

today i have to do my homework// and then hopefully the prayer cottage thing tonight… but im not sure if im gonna be able to go– i hope so.

xO Erin


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  1. ERIN!!!!!!!! homecoming was amazing!!! you looked so beautiful in your bress even though it gave you a diese! lOl wOw we were not to good at the intervention thing lOl! i love you x’S and O’saMbEr

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