um– i stayed home sick today… but i should be back at school tomorrow cause im feelin a lot better.  i just slept alot but i gotta do a good bit of homework tonight. oh well. i ❤ you!



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  1. i did not go to school yesterday becuz i was sick 2!! my head hurt really bad and my tummy 2… but i am better 2day… i hope u feel better!!!!
    Love ya
    c ya in 24 days!

  2. hey! i am so glad you did not get in a car wreck on tuesday!! haha the angle is getting so interesting..haha today after you walked away i was walken with angle c and m and angle c opened the door for angle M and ofcoarse ME! haha he opened it for angle M! haha and angle B is going to get himself in there some how!x’S and O’saMbEr

  3. hey hope ya’ feel better
    seeya on the bus on friday since you sit really close to me. lol
    i see you joined the “marching pimps” blogring.  it is the best marching band blogring out there.

  4. hey
    haha yeah that convo. was like so funny! haha and that was not even all of it! i got a cell phone =D see ya in 22 days!
    Love ya

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