yeah– so im updating twice…

ok– this is one thing that i can hoestly say is true. this icon is not one of those cheesy ones that will never happen or a one thats supposed to be funny. all my friends– you know who you are– i can honestly say i would be a totally different person if it wasnt for you guys.  i dont care if ive known you since i was born or if we just met yesterday, if you like nextdoor or halfway across the world, you have made a impact on me, and made me who i am right now.  i know that you guys are always there for me and i hope you know that i am always there for yall…

right now im so busy with school, and band, and homework i feel like i just need to spend much needed time with my best friends.  i guess i was just used to being with my buds all the time during the summer and now i dont even see half of my friends except for like once a week or every once in a while in the hallway… ahhh- i want summer back. lOl

well, this will probably be my only entry this week because there is so much going on… but the weekend should be fun- goin to the concert and lazer show probly, then monday is labor day.

i guess ill see yall in the mornin– with my hair that wont be straight anymore cause of the stupid hurricane. haha

xO Erin*


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