hey!! ahh- ive been sO busy lately! but here’s whats happened

–highschool started! i love it. its sO much better than middle school! lOl

–lots and lots of band. lOl i know im a dork. but the first football game was last night and it was amazingly fun except for the dumb uniforms… but i guess thats ok.

–camping trip last weekend! it was a tOn of fun! i loved it and i love all my friends! high school at church is gonna be gReAt! 

ok– sO now im trying not to write my lit paper cause i hate writing– but i think i might start it tonight. im glad he moved the deadline to tues though! im such a procrastinator! haha.

leave me love! 

xO Erin*


–13 ways to get a girl–
1. hugs from behind
2. grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other
3. when standing, wrap your arms around her
4. cuddle with her
5. don’t force her to do anything
6. write little notes
7. compliment her honestly
8. when you hug her, hold her for as long as possible
9. say i love you… and mean it
10. pick her over your friends…no matter what… even if your freinds call you whipped
11. comfort her when she cries
12. love her with all your heart
13. pick her up and flirt with her(she’ll scream and say put my down but really she loves it!)

^^thats corny but its really sweet and pretty true


3 thoughts on “

  1. aw thats really cute if a guy ever did that to me i would fall in love with him probably. Well anyway i thought i would leave ya a comment since u told me to like 500 times. see ya around school – bye bye

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