here’s my ScHeDuLe!!!

Homeroom– Brafman
1– Honors 9th Lit– Widness
2– Marching Woodwinds– band directors
3– Honors Geometry– Rogers
4– Art– Carsillo

ok– so everybody leave me cOmments and tell me if i have classes with you!


so this afternoon a few of us from church went to the mall w/ chase. when we met at he church office we were waiting on him and we saw a mexican guy outside walk buy with an icecream cart so me and alyssa went out there and got one! lOl they were pretty good but mine had raisins on the top of it asnd alyssa’s had a lot of different fruit! haha so then we went to the mall and i got a shirt from hollister that’s cute– at one point we were all in buckle but then i saw taylor, janie, kristina, and mark so me and savannah went out in the hall thing to talk to them… and we were talkin to them and then we were like “where did everybody go?” and we looked in buckle and we didnt see them so we went to aeropostale and we found hannah and jeri but nobody else– so we were like walking around the mall and we finally called john and asked him where they were and he was like– um… we’re still in buckle!! me and savannah think they were like hinding or something! lOl then we saw this guy that savannah knew from like 5th grade and him and his friends kept following us around! it was weird… sO i really need to finish october sky–

xO Erin*


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