hey!! i guess its about time for another update, so here it goes–

SUNDAY– ok, so victoria spent the night with me on saturday night which was a lot of fun! we were looking at my elementary school yearbooks and then comparing the people then to what they look like now. its was surprisingly funny! sO– we got up sunday morning and went to church and we got to se brent & ebby!!!! they brought some of their new youth group and we got to talk to them a little bit but then they had to leave. but since it was our last sunday in middle school we were taking pictures and stuff and then andrew started crying when he was talking to us and it was sad! im gonna miss him sOooO much!!! chase is cool and all but im still gonna miss andrew! so then we had sunday school and went to church which was good. then victoria and katie came to eat lunch with us and we met pop at rocco’s. then after lunch we went to pSyChO sIsTeRs!!! it was sO much fun! we found like some of the craziest outfits!! i would’ve bought some of them if i had more money! lOl they were really funny! so then katie came home with me and we just hung out all afternoon and then went back to church. but it was like the children’s musical and it was very funnY! they had all these funny dances and some of the kids were like really into it! haha

MONDAY– um.. on monday i dont really remember what i did. lOl i slept in and then we went and took my grandma lunch cause she’s sick. and then we came home and i went to band practice. and we finally got dot books! yaY! so then we took sharon home and then i came home and ate dinner and then went to bed.

TUESDAY– on tuesday i had to get up really early and we went and picked up ben and then we went to the mustang way thing– it was ok but they could’ve done it in like one or two hours instead of 4!!! it would’ve been a whole lot better and a lot less boring! lOl but i got to see some people i hadn’t seen in a while. so then on tuesday night i had band again and then i came home and ate dinner… then i painted some more dots on my door cause my parents were getting mad cause they didn’t think i was gonna finish it! haha and then i went to sleep.

WEDNESDAY– sO yesterday i slept in til like 10:30 and then i got up and i did some laundry and then i had some pizza rolls for lunch which were yummy! and then i actually practiced oboe for a while! i haven’t done that in like forever! haha so then last night we had a lot of fun!!! we met at US Play and my lane was me, victoria, matt, jordan, john, and dan [plus amber but she couldnt bowl because of her finger] and i camp in 3rd! lOl thats pretty good for me! so then me and victoria got drinks and sat at a table with matt and jordan and alyssa, amber, and katie for a while and that was fun. and then we played some of the arcade games and that was fun. and then this guy who worked there gave us alot of free tokens! which was cool so we got some pretty awesome prizes! [haha yeah right] so then all the girls went over to jessica’s house and we swam in the pool and got in the hot tub for a while which was a lot of fun! and then we sat on the porch for a while and talked and stuff. and then me, ansley, katie, victoria, and amber stayed outside for a little while and talked. then we played spoons and watched what a girl wants. which was fun!! and then we ended up going to sleep about 2:30!

TODAY– today we got up about 10 and we got our tye-died shirts and we started to paint them but we did the front and they didnt dry in time for us to do the backs so were just gonna all do them sperately– but they’re gonna look really cute when they’re finished! so when it was over nana and kate picked me and victoria up and we met lori at barbecue street which was good– i saw like all the connections teachers from pine mountain! lOl then we went back to nana’s and changed. then we dropped victoria up at home and then nana and pop dropped me off at the dentist. after the dentist my mom picked me up and then we came home. im pretty tired now– but i think ill be able to sleep in in the morning! haha

xO Erin*

leave me LoTs && lOtS of CoMmEnTs!!!!


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  1. omgsh! that was so much fun! our bowling lane totally rocked haha! ahhh it was fun all of us talken in the hot tub and pool haha i lOvE yOu eMeRgEnCy rOoM! haha i crack my self upx’S and O’saMbEr

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