hey! band camp is over!!!! it really was a lot of fun though! i like it but the days were just really long. lOl so today im gonna go shopping then eat at my grandparent’s then victoria’s spendin the night.  so that will be fun/// then church tomorrow! everybody is back from the mission trip! yaY!

xO Erin*


3 thoughts on “

  1. ERIN!!
    i miss u!!
    i dont like it up here!!! its sooo ewwwE! LOL!!
    i cant waite till chirstmas and i can come see everyone
    love ya

  2. hey erin i feel like such a poopie head i havent even given u the first payment grr how much is that now $16.00 yeah i think so sry i will give it to u tomorrow man i am in soo much pain my cheeks feel like two big watermelons are attached to them i am soo tired too!!
    ok c ya tomorrow (my cheeks will probly be bigger by then)

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