last night i spent the night at katie’s house which was fun as always!!! [except she slapped my stomache in the middle of the night. lOl]  then we came to church and it was good! and then i went out to eat and then i practiced flute a lil bit– and i think im gonna go to the store later with my mommy then to church and the reception for the jennigs..   then tomorrow back to band camp– im excited but i also dont wanna get up early!! lOl thats the only downside. but oh well– ill just got to bed early– haha.

i ❤ people who leave me cOmMEntS!

xO Erin*



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  1. erin your so adorkable haha get it a-dork-able hahaha i am so funnY! have fun at band camp with will lol i love you so much….your dorkalishous haha this is fun!x”s and O’s aMbEr

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