time for another update—

SATURDAY– so we came back from florida and then i went to whit’s surprise partY!!! it was a whole bunch of fun and i ate all the cauliflower!!! lOl that was funny…

SUNDAY– on sunday morning i went to church of course and it was fun but it was really sad cause whitney’s leavin and all so me and whitney were both cryin during the service so we went to the bathroom and then came back and then we were both crying at the end of the service more. haha but i dont want her to leave!!!!!!!!! its not gonna be the same w/o her…  so then we went out to eat and then i came home and practiced flute for a while. so then i came back for church at night then i went to publix with my mom and got a sub sandwich which was yummy. then i came home and practice flute some more and then went to sleep.

TODAY– today was the first day opf music camp or whatever and it was fun. i was really glad to see people that i havent seen like all summer! me and rachel like talked the whole time. lOl so we marched some and then had lunch and then played for a while. so i had fun but i think it might get old by next week. haha maybe im wrong…

–leave me lots of cOmMeNtS!!!

xO Erin*


4 thoughts on “

  1. hey eRiN! hahaha coliflower……are little trees with snow on them lol i used to say that all the time when i was lil….haha just wanted to let ya know we are doing the silas marner thing friday at 5-10 at my house so if you can come i will give u directions on wed. hope you can come haha it is kinda like a dOrK partay! lolx’S and O’saMbEr

  2. ERIN!!!
    we cryed!!! i dont want o leave i am going to miss you soooooooOOOoooooo much!!! I LOVE YOU!
    love ya

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