all i can say is that it was a m a z i n g . . .

big stuf ‘05 was awesome! it was most definately the best camp i have ever been to. i feel like i actually came back changed. and its not just gonna stay that was for a week or two. i learned so much at camp this week- i actually paid attention to the speakers (who were amazing) and i got a lot out of the sessions. i think that this time i want to keep feeling the way i felt at camp. i want to keep staying that close to god because it makes me feel wonderful. the worship was probably the best thing about camp this week. it was the best i have ever experienced! it was just so neat to see all your friends and everyone in the building worshiping god, not caring what other people thought, not looking around, not wondering how other people were worshiping— just worshiping so sincerely. it was amazing. it made people cry it was so awesome on sunday night.

ok- so i said how awesome the worship and the sessions were but i had TONS of fun with my friends! i got to know a bunch of people better, i took a bunch of pictures, the beach was beautiful and we had so much fun in the ocean, we saw stingrays jumping and then they swam like 4 feet away from us, we all had major blonde moments (lOl), i met a few new people, we stayed up late being very hyper, we talked a whole lot!, we did the guys hair (4th year in a row), we played frisbee in the ocean, we saw the magic guy that came to our church so we already knew all his tricks, we saw kristian on the beach (lOl he doesnt look very good in a bright yellow swimsuit- will was the only one who thought so- haha), we ate lots of candy, we listened to CMT, the eighth graders had an awesome water baloon fight! (i got to squeeze a water baloon on matt and will but then michael poured a cup of cold water on my head- grr) haha, i didnt put anything up my nose (lOl i told andrew that and he was like you should make a shirt and put “i didnt stick anything up my nose for a whole week” on it!), i got an awesome pink flamingo hat, the 8th graders went to pineapple willy’s and had an awesome time, i got an orange shirt from there, we decorated our door and our room, amber talked to herself at night, addison tought us a new dance, me and victoria wore our cool dresses and hats and did the old man dance, we got to telepathic guys to talk (haha), we got really confused about the time change when we got down there, we had a fun luau and line danced and did limbo and did the hokey pokey, me and hannah slept for a whole hour on the bus, will taking pictures of kristian, sarah’s “tumor” haha, taking pictures of people sleeping, seeing an old lady with alyssa’s bathing suit, screaming until you lost your voice, eating a whole giant bag of peanut m&ms with your room, having to move rooms after already decorating, sticking trash on the vent on the bus, shunning people who didnt save us seats, looking for my towel in the bathroom and then realizing it was on my head, having people calling me a band dork, the people telling alyssa not to do the limbo in a skirt but not me, reading the dumb jokes on the laffy taffy wrappers, teaching stephen how to do “turky aplats”, the fan club (lOl), and avoiding being in it, the extremely bad smelling farts on the bus (even though the REALLY bad one was fretilizer), eating only hashbrowns and donuts for breakfast the whole week, going to breakfast in pajamas while wrapped in blanktes (me, amber, alyssa, and katie were the blanket cult), the really good talk with mr. tracy and mr. andy, enr brn and han ban, brownie-poo, the guys who sang the annoying song while were were waiting to go into worship, when we were talking about how somebody kept calling us and katie goes “its like they were actually trying to get ahold of us!”, hannah saying happy birthday on the message to her dad instead of happy fathers day, the 8th grade guys carrying our bags down for us, my hair looking like a poodle, sitting on the floor on the bus and having to get up everytime someone walked by, alyssa getting wounded like 20 times, eating a pepperoni off john’s pizza so he couldn’t say that he ate the whole thing by himself, watching poeple at the pool through our window, making fun of will when he had pepper in his teeth, making fun of amber’s laugh, the guys making fun od alyssa cause shes so happy, sarah kicking ashley’s head and her not waking up, singing our blankey songs from 6th grade, teaching kyle and bryan the toeanail song, me and victoria excluding them and then they just laughed at us, all of hannah’s gangster pics, and so much more!!!!!

we had so much fun! but it was really sad when we thought about it being our last year at middle school camp! we are gonna be leaving middle school soon! im gonna miss andrew so much!!!!! im excited about high school but i dont want everything to change! we were all crying and singing the graduation song! haha. then andrew xame to our door and was like “i no longer have anything to do with you” and amber started bawling! it was sad!

overall camp was one of the best weeks of my life… i just hope we go back there next year—

xO Erin*


There is no one like You There has never ever been anyone like You There is no one like You There has never ever been anyone like You

Indescribable, uncontainable You placed the stars in the sky and You know them by name You are amazing God All powerful, untamable Awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim You are amazing God

Majesty, Majesty Your grace has found me just as I am Empty handed, but alive in Your hands Majesty, Majesty Forever I am changed by Your love In the presence of your Majesty

And what we do in here will fill the streets out there let us dance for you we wanna dance for you and what we do in here will fill the streets out there let us dance for you we wanna dance for you

Oh, praise Him, oh, praise Him He is holy, He is holy (yeah)

Blessed be the Name of the Lord Blessed be Your Name Blessed be the Name of the Lord Blessed be Your glorious Name

Beautiful one I love Beautiful one I adore Beautiful one my soul must sing

It is you, we adore It is you, praises are for Only you The Heavens declare it is you it is you


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  1. Erin~ I totally agree with everything you said about camp! it was an amazing experience and i really want to go back. I love you so much! XOXOXO 

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